The only problem is you’re finding it hard to find your purpose in life. 3. I will be the best version of myself so that I can lead my children by example.”. You are more than what you have become.”. Only you can truly define them—mind and body, family and friends, spirituality, finances, career. I remind myself daily that if I’m going to live my purpose and reach my goals, I can’t let these low-impact activities consume my day. 6. What choice did I have, though? Your life purpose is to use your own personal transformation to help transform society. You have to answer 6 questions and this can help you reveal your life’s purpose. I looked within my core areas for the answers. Inquisitive people ask questions, seek answers, wonder how things work and try fresh approaches to old problems. While many people depend on hard data, schooling and experience to make decisions, I invite you to remain open to what your intuition might be telling you, especially if it’s different from what logic indicates. 2. Purpose need not be a grand mission. When you’re obsessed with achieving a particular outcome, you’re disconnected from your spirit. ——————————————————————- Here is a training that will give you the motivation to move forward and start achieving all your goals and dreams! ~ Mikel, With friendship and affection, I will interact with others to improve my home life and obtain pleasure and recognition. 2. I increased my confidence by being willing to pay the price to develop character and a spirit of excellence. This was a turning point in his life. I want to help couples work through the challenges of relationships It doesn’t make sense to kill myself to save others.”. If you thrive through your connections, this purpose statement may resonate with you. Until then, it’s up to us to keep searching for what we’ll accomplish next. If nothing resonates yet – just keep exploring and experimenting and being curious, something will eventually catch. Put simply, your purpose in life is to live the life of a hero. This example shows that you can have many different types of goals in one mission statement. She tells her story in this post. He shared three periods in which he felt the happiest and most fulfilled. Your purpose is not something you need to make up; it’s already there. My mission is to create, nurture, and maintain an environment of growth, challenge, and unlimited potential for all those around me. Collaboration and community are a central component of this goal. “I want to live enthusiastically. Also why do lists like this always assume that everyone wants to “make a difference?” Maybe that’s important to some people, but I am not one of them. I inspire people with the moving stories that I tell in my seminars and that I write about in my books, and I empower them by teaching them powerful success strategies that they can apply in their own lives. Your curiosity puts you in the driver’s seat. It was clear that I was deriving my self-worth from what others thought about me. Did she spend her adult life before this doing spiritual things? What do I want to accomplish before I die? When you admit that although you don’t know something, you’re eager and willing to find out about it, you release your potential to achieve incredible things. Listening to and following your instincts is key to becoming purpose-driven. My children are prime examples of clear purpose. “The purpose of my life is to be a source of light to other people and radiate positivity. 2. In this article, there are 4 questions.