Note: Given that the Five Nights at Freddy's story is told out of chronological order, the history of Foxy it presented in the order the events Humans Foxy only appears in the minigames, set at some point after the Pizzeria has closed. One possibility is that Scott is trying to hide Foxy from the fans, so it was more of a shock. Foxy Fazbear... Well, They said Fazbear Family right? Bare Endo | Foxy's appearance in Gmod is very much like his DrawKill design and his Gameplay design. His right hand is replaced by a pirate's hook, while the other hand is completely bare of any costume fur. Foxy is officially the most beloved animatronic in the whole series. Toy Chica | Skills/Powers: All rights reserved. With William's death in the Spring Bonnie suit, he faded away with the others. Type of Villain Springlock Animatronics When viewing the West Hall (on CAM 2A), the player will briefly see Foxy sprinting towards the security room. Due to the smell from the bodies, the animatronics, including Foxy, were put in storage, but kept for spare parts. He also seems to have several missing teeth. On this trip Funtime Foxy will catch them no matter how careful they are. In Ultimate Custom Night, Funtime Foxy resides in Pirate's Cove, waiting for the show to begin. Manglexfoxyforever/mangle x foxy = ? Foxy could be heard banging on the door on Phone Guy's Night 4 phone call, implying he was part of the attack on Phone Guy that killed him. Barring his eyeless screen, and Phantom Foxy. It's a good guess that it is him singing because his singing grows louder when the Pirate Cove camera is activated. They must also monitor Pirate Cove (CAM 1C) in a balance between "too much" and "too little" to prevent Foxy from emerging from his curtain and sprinting toward The Office. Rockstar Animatronics Occupation Rockstar Freddy | He is considered a Phantom, and has a very similar appearance to FNaF2 with the long pointed muzzle, but he appears to have been burned, and water damaged. Shadow Animatronics Freddy Frostbear Games Animatronics The Foxy Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Baby Crawlers It initially appears to not cover his eye; however, as he enters The Office, it is down, and, as he screeches, it pops up, exposing his eye. Foxy's counterpart, Mangle, lives in Kid's Cove, a Pirate's Cove alternative in the second game. Emily Family Electrobab | Like the game implies, FNaF VR is a game made by Fazbear Ent. Maybe he is still not scary or other reason. Molten Freddy The screen will then go to static, and will result in a Game Over. Foxy's hook seems larger, having his eye-patch covering his eye the whole time, and instead of two legs being shredded, only his left leg is shredded while his right leg is normal. New Freddy | Funtime Chica In Ultimate Custom Night, it is voiced by Joe Gaudet. The fourth stage is fully out of the curtains and looking at the camera (You can see Funtime Foxy's eyes are different from his/her previous stages and also his/her jumpscare.). In the minigame SAVETHEM, Foxy could be seen in the building. Elizabeth Afton, Fazbear Frights Mangle | It also has pink toes and stomach, and pink inside its ears and around its eyes, along with some pink at the tip of the tail. However, there's another design for Pirate Cove, that is the whole place is actually a house. 1 Favourite. Plushtrap | The Fox | Devon | The majority of its fur is colored white. His eyes shine red and yellow with a black sclera. In the third game, when you activated CAM 4, the Foxy lamp on the wall looks very similar to his design from the first game. This also may be because the camera is inactive during the "Foxy Foxy" challenge. In front of Pirate's Cove is a sign telling when "showtime" (that is, the time when Funtime Foxy will jumpscare the player) occurs, and showtime always happens on the hour (1:00 AM, 2:00 AM, etc.). Escape from Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental (succeeded). Foxy's behavior is quite different when compared to the first game. Friends/Allies: In Night 3, Michael enters and exit through the Funtime Auditorium, trying to avoid Foxy. As the Phone Guy said, Foxy is stunned by the repeated flashing of the flashlight, resetting him. Springtrap Grimm Foxy | In this dream, Stanley gets on a taxi, only to discover the driver is Funtime Foxy. Oddly enough, her left hand is completely made of metal. It is a rare to see Foxy in the Parts/Service room in the challenge "Foxy Foxy" in the second game's custom night. Sometimes, the sign reading ", Foxy has now left Pirate Cove, and has begun to rush to the player's location. If the player's attempt to block off the left doorway has succeeded, Foxy will bang on the door a few times, and then his position will reset back to behind the drapes in Pirate Cove (he can, however, reset straight to Phase 2 on the more difficult nights or settings). Charlotte Emily When Foxy bangs on the door, however, the player will lose a small portion of their power, the first time draining 1 percent of power, the second time draining 6 percent, third being 11 percent. Five Nights at Freddy's His face is more pointed, especially his nose, is hook appears to be sharper and more dangerous. Even though the Funtime Foxy in FNaF World is the Intact version of Mangle, this one is not. He is missing larger patches of his covering than he was in his previous incarnation. Reply. Before FNAF 2, Foxy was new and so they might of thought the lipstick would ruin the piratey-ness. Manglexfoxyforever/BEST FNAF SHIP EVER!, Coyote Man, Pirate Cove Man/Guy, Foxy, Mr.Fox, Foxy The Pirate. Security | The puppet is stunned by the music box. He has yellow eyes, red eyebrows, and three strings of hair from the top of his head. Evil-doer Twisted Bonnie | To ward off Funtime Foxy, the player must check Pirate's Cove exactly on the time showtime begins; successfully doing this delays showtime a couple hours. StealthAbility to change its voice Mostly, Foxy is cooler and better than the others. Bonnie the Bunny | Fredbear | Bonnet | I am supposed to call the others Aunt or Uncle but I just call them by their real names. Powers/Skills Old Man Consequences | Funtime Foxy's appears to be the same as Foxy from the first game, with the majority of their fur colored white.They wears a pink garment, and has a pink snout with three small purple dots and a smallish black nose, three small fluffs of fur on top of his head, pink toes and stomach, and pink inside their ears and around his eyes, and at the tip of the tail.