Chris and Cathy’s other children, Jory and Cindy, also make the trip and from the start, things are uncomfortable and sinister with Bart lording his family’s sins over them. Andrews and you have to love the drama. Certain parts also read in favor of the interpretation. Eventually, Cindy and Jory, along with his wife Melodie, join Bart at his home, which adds to the tension. Andrews’ book will have noticed that a pretty big character was missing from the “Seeds of Yesterday” Lifetime movie -- Joel! His mother did wish he will find love though, but most likely knows he will not due to his incestous feelings for her. Why Hasn't Hasan Minhaj Been Held Accountable for the Way He Allegedly Treated 'Patriot Act' Staffers. Spoilers for the Flowers in the Attic book series. In the book he was involved in a hit-and-run while attempting to cross the street to help others who had been in an accident. Several hours pass before the police arrive to inform the family of Chris' accident and death. Andrews? Cindy is a major character in both the book and movie. Eventually, Toni falls for Jory and they begin a relationship. However, Cathy chooses to remain at Foxworth Hall as she continues to mourn the loss of her beloved Chris. In the book Bart exposed the secret after receiving his Christmas present from Jory. Seeds of Yesterday is the final book in a series about the troubled Foxworth family. They meet Joel, who they soon learn is Corrine's brother, who was long thought dead. She only decides to leave after an intimate night with Bart. In the movie she is slightly older and stays at Foxworth Hall after Jory's accident. Oddly enough Melodie—a character who by this point in the novel was rather out of life—makes one comment that no one else really bothers to dwell on. The reveal caused Melodie's water to break. They hire a beautiful nurse, named Antonia "Toni" Winters who comes in to try and help Jory recuperate and she soon starts an affair with Bart, who seems infatuated. Bart is still bitter towards his mother and Chris for their incestuous relationship, so their stay is not pleasant. Finally seeing that it is hopeless to help him, Cathy decides to leave Bart for good. Upon seeing Cindy's taste in a boyfriend she remarks that Cindy seems to like dark men like her brothers. Bart remorsefully gives a moving eulogy at Chris' funeral and is thankful to Chris for raising him when he didn't need to. Bart soon accuses Toni of being with him merely for his money and breaks up with her. Finally, he breaks and asks Olivia to hire a private detective to find out what happened to Corinne. Bart becomes a televangelist and marries Cindy. They have, however, offered something special to those who have read the books several times over. Bart soon realizes how much he really loved Christopher and gives a moving eulogy at his funeral and soon after finds his place as a televangelist who travels the world. It was mesmerizing and felt just dark enough to pass the reality line, but not too far where I thought it was completely unbelievable. Bart, under the influence of Joel, hypocritically bans Cindy from premarital sexual acts under his roof even though he repeatedly slept with his brothers wife. Cathy's youngest son, Bart, is living in the mansion with him, and he due to inherit the mansion on his 25th birthday. However Joel revealed he survived the incident and remained at an Italian monastery until learning of Corrine’s death. Cathy and Chris Dollenganger (now taken the surname of their adopted father, Sheffield) have returned to their rebuilt family mansion, Foxworth Hall. Cathy can't bring herself to tell him that their marriage wouldn't have lasted even if he hadn't been injured, having realized that what Melodie said was indeed true, that she couldn't cope with the changes that life might bring. Over the course of the book, Cathy’s son Jory, who was once an accomplished dancer with his now-pregnant wife, becomes paralyzed from the waist down. Bart believed Jory did it on purpose to be spiteful after finding out about the affair. Andrews Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. The story begins with Cathy and Christopher arriving at the house of their son, Bart which was entirely built to replicate Foxworth Hall (which burned down in Petals On the Wind). The made-for-TV movie, which premieres on Lifetime in 2021, will star Naomi Judd, Crystal Fox, Gil Bellows, and Deborah Cox.