Where is He? Don’t give Satan a chance to beat you. If God was brown skinned Allah, why would he invent white people? This is why expensive Persian carpets will often have one stitch deliberately put out of place, because the person who made it doesn’t want to be seen as trying to insult God by being impudent enough to There’s a strong injunction in the Koran against making graven images. Get answers by asking now. Can you post a picture? How exactly would you expect to see a “pic” of Allah? But then I began wondering about all the pictures/drawings of not only bin Laden but also - seemingly on every flat surface except the ground in Iraq - of Hussein. Any help from NGOs/UN if they respond. This weakness and imperfection is only reaffirmed when we look at created things around us: the sun, the moon, the stars, the mountains, the sky, and so forth, seeing thereby the greatness of Allah and His power. SubhanAllah! Prolonged companionship with the Qur’an is one of our most cherished desires, but do we really attain it? The Prophet saw it the night of the Prophet's ascension as Imam Muslim narrated from Abu Dhar that he asked the Messenger of Allah "Did you see thy Lord? What do you think of the answers? What does Allah look like? Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. 2015-06-18 03:30:46 2015-06-18 03:30:46 . Wiki User Answered . (Ahmad and Abu Dawud). Favourite answer. People always said God was made of (Astaghfirullah; nobody has made Allah; Allah wasn't made Astaghfirullah I don't know how else to say it Astaghfirullah) light and his beauty was indescribable and that I couldn't even begin to imagine it (his beauty), but then I kept on imagining a yellow (of light) Al-Shaarawi. But then I began wondering about all the pictures/drawings of … bin Laden … [and also] Hussein. Since you started to recognize Allah and His existence and His duties on you, Satan wants to lead you astray. He does not have a physical form but all physical reality is in his vision and his creation, Quran 6:103 "No vision can grasp Him, but His grasp is over all vision...". 2018 Okt 26 - A question that's bound to arise at some point in every Muslim's life is, "what does Allah look like?" How are these allowed? (Smileys are out too). It's fairly unlikely that a non-Moslem could claim to have seen the Moslem God there's no way that anyone could ever come up with an image of Allah. So, what do you say about Allah, The ''Light of the Heavens and Earth'' [Qura'an]? We ask Allah the Almighty to help you remain steadfast in your faith and support you in embracing Islam in your daily life. How does He look like? MB. There are answers to each one. how would you answer this question from someone wanting 2 know about Islam? There are answers to each one. Ramadan. Never seen a pic or painting. There are answers regarding the Divine Entity. 1 decade ago. If I asked someone standing on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Beirut: “How much is the quantity of water in this sea?” An ignorant person would give a number, while the one having knowledge will reply, “I do not know”. His throne extends over the heavens and the earth; it does not weary Him to preserve them both. What Does Allah Look Like? Who is Allah? The Laws … How does Allah look? Are their answers, intentionally, hidden by Allah so that we may not know them? The Laws … (It’s a steal at any price.) I do not know. Muslim beliefs lead a person to hell because they reject the truths that the Lord Jesus Christ is God and Savior. What Does The Narration “Allah created Adam In His/his Image” Mean? Are there some questions whose answer is not cleared for people because of the Wisdom of God? When such bad thoughts come to your mind, occupy yourself with something else. For this reason Moslems don't make pictures of Allah just as Jews don't make pictures of Jehovah. Read what Allah commands the Prophet when reading the Quran: [Prophet], when you recite the Qur’an, seek God’s protection from the outcast, Satan. Yahoo fa parte del gruppo Verizon Media. i.e How do you explain how Allah- the Maker of the rainbow, the stars, the waterfalls, our Messenger, the fishes in the sea, trees-looks?? Quran 24:35. If you said, “I know”, you will be considered an ignorant person.