I had the great blessing of interacting with them. Only then did I begin to realize the depth of that greatness. I was a missionary who served there from 1991-1992. What an amazing example he set by always choosing Jesus Christ no matter the circumstance. they will not search knowledge, nor understand great knowledge, when it is given unto them in plainness, even as plain as word can be. He was my Stake President in Boise and took an interest in me and all of the youth of the Stake. At times 2020 has felt like the end of times and I guess that opens the door for doomsday mentality. He had the "ministering" philosophy even back in the 1970's. Such a kind and gentle man. A theory like that leads us to distrust what Church leaders say in General Conferences or press releases, because people like the maker of this video will be elbowing us and saying, I know what they really mean. It fails Occam’s razor from the very beginning. Give you sweet mom, Sis Emma a big hug from me. I cherish the guidance he gave to me as a camp staffer to pray. We will miss Elder Featherstone. Barnum points out – and this goes for all of the preppers being lured into cultic groups – there’s a sucker born every minute. After that Elder and Sister Featherstone would check on me during mission visits. Merlene, you and Vaughn and your family are always remembered by us with great admiration and love. The stories my father told me about him growing up with "Vaughn" were amazing and funny. We don’t know for sure exactly what it’s about, and D&C 77 doesn’t help us much there. I remember feeling this way after 9-11 as well. I know some conspiracy “enthusiast” myself and I often wonder what fuels them. First, theological reasons. And Church leaders reinforce this by telling us that we are living in the most evil of times and that we were placed here, now, because we are the most righteous. It was a great honor know the family. Our Hero...Elder Featherstone....How we will miss our friend. This not only made my father a better man, but has made me try to become a better person. Years later I discovered that both Vaughn and Merlene had prayed for me by name almost every day of my mission to a difficult and dangerous place. Many other Christians believed that it is about the persecution of early Christians at the time it was written – around 100 AD or so. Much love, Susanne Price. I found out he really liked raisin filled cookies so I would take some to him once in a while. The pitch is always the same: the narrator spends the first 20 minutes or so sticking to the scriptures and modern-day prophets, so his viewers will go “ooo, this guy’s really on-the-level and knows his stuff”. It’s overriding premise is pretty simple: every single eschatological prediction up to right…now, He came to Logan rolled up his sleeves and dug into the broken glass, and all the stuff that was in the isles that was such a mess. I’m going to make an eschatological prediction that will not fail, guaranteed: And it shall come to pass that the sun will turn red as blood, and the whole face of the earth will burn as with fire, and the inhabitants thereof shall be destroyed. I remember Laura as our camp director and Dave and Joe helping her in that capacity. Then you see how quickly it all comes crashing down. She is driven into the wilderness for 1,260 days. Out if interest, an I the only one who believes Christ’s coming will be like the rising of the sun in the East, meaning a gradual increase in light and glory (and conversely, a gradual DECREASE in darkness, ignorance, poverty, racism, abuse, selfishness) etc? People look and find meaning where there is none. We loved (Pres.) That’s treacherous. Our condolences goes out to the Featherstone Family. He was a wonderful story teller and his ability to memorize and quote long passages of scripture and wise quotations was admirable. Such a wonderful man, leader and inspiration to so many. I will never forget your kindness. Vaughn J. Featherstone’s Atlanta Temple Letter (Interpreter: A Journal of Latter-day Saint Faith and Scholarship Book 37) - Kindle edition by Blythe, Christopher J.. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Merlene, We're so sorry for your loss. I'm so grateful for the wonderful legacy he leaves for all of us. To Merlene and the Featherstone family - God Bless you, and thank you for allowing so many of us to "rub shoulders" with your husband and father. The first half of Daniel 9, for instance, specifies that the author understood the revelation he received to be about the desolation of the temple that Jeremiah spoke of – which happened during the Babylonian conquest of Jerusalem in the 500s BC. I fondly remember the monthly training meetings with President Featherstone. Here we are living in the midst of these tremendous events. Share to let others add their own memories and condolences. He was truly a man of God in every way...His wife was his best friend and their love for each other radiated in a very holy and dignified way. I knew him up at the Draper Temple and we became friends. It is just another Ouija board. A major problem I see with the video is the assumption that you can do this. I really appreciate this one Matt. There are a lot of ways that one might read the Book of Revelation. My favorite story of him will always be about the nurses shoes. All of these techniques I’ve described are characteristic of Protestant fundamentalist modes of reading the Bible. Vaughn J. Featherstone 50 year time capsule letter for the Atlanta GA Temple in 1983 to be opened in 2033 To my beloved fellow saints in the twenty-first century, God bless you. Please accept my sincere sympathies to your family for your loss. I was so sorry to hear of President Featherstones passing. I will forever be grateful for my association with Elder and Sister Featherstone while serving my mission in the Philippines, San Fernando Mission. Share Vaughn's life story with friends and family. He is a true Champion. He always went the second mile as fart as I could see and then went the 3rd & 4th mile. I was pretty young when he served in the Boise Idaho North Stake and I remember hearing his stories not only during conferences but also retold by his son David the best early morning seminary teacher ever. A true disciple of the Savior, beginning to end. And the morning star shall no more appear, for it shall be swallowed up. There is simply little clarity in scripture or in church history or in General Authority statements or Church manuals about the story that this video wants to tell. Case in point with revelation and why it’s not for us to share unless we’re in an authorized position: 1931 ~ 2018Elder Vaughn J. Featherstone, 87, Emeritus General Authority for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, passed away peacefully in his home surrounded by his family and in the arms We love you. Not because of what they predict, but because of how they infect the minds of people I love.