Remember that interviewers don’t know you, hence the first few minutes/question are essential. How to improve your Interview, Salary Negotiation, Communication & Presentation Skills. So, even if the question thrown at you is something you are not prepared for, sit up straight, look the interviewer in the eye and answer with confidence and without a quiver in your voice. How to answer tell me about yourself for Sales and marketing positions "I have been in sales/marketing for 5 years. Hence, I have decided to join diploma courses for nursing. This question is to test how you will respond to something like this and that is why you need to put in some thoughts and preparations to get it right. When this question is thrown at you, stay calm and composed. Asking about their goals, both short-term and long-term goals, helps these recruiters understand where they are coming from and what plans they have for their lives. Give a brief of your education background (up to plus two is fine, your family and location, any of your hobbies etc. Very Useful for all the Freshers. Rucha Joshi is known for her creative writing. However, I will prove myself once I get the opportunity. The employer is often interested in knowing if the employee would be able to fit into the environment of the office. No need to explain your strengths & weakness at this points (as that will definitely come along). Allow me to. “Sir, my greatest strength is my ability to learn things quickly. Top 10 companies offering internships in Canada. For more information, read our piece on Interview Questions: ‘Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years’. That will pretty much take away the job from you. Tell me about yourself. After that, in college, I decided to be an android app developer. My weakness is my soft nature. So, be ready for this one if you’re going to one of these interviews. Tell me about yourself for fresher: Tips to Remember, Tell me about yourself for fresher is one of the most commonly asked, Good Morning! The best you can do is tell about an accomplishment that is directly related to your job. Show your interviewers how miraculously you have achieved the goals that have led you to this precise moment and have prepared you perfectly for this job. Yes, it is an easy question, but that is the whole point of it. Planning, designing, developing, implementing, troubleshooting mobile applications for Android is what I am highly skilled at. This is a very common fresher interview question that you will come across. It can be anything related to your past academics or professional career. During my graduation, I have done three mainframe projects and completed a training course on the mainframe. Thanku so much for this question and I request you to kindly share us more questions about job and I would like to say that I learn something different and new so once again thanku and keep doing……. Usually, employers ask this question when they hire for an immediate joining and the position is essential to company’s operations. After making your way through the shortlisting process, your way ahead is dependant on your performance in this crucial round – the interview. Who Can Opt For It? My father’s name is Hiren Choudhary; he is a doctor. Give an instance from the last job where you did extremely well. And, the other companies with which they compete. So, be casual, be confident and remember that this is not the last job you could get in the world, so just take it easy! How do you react in a pressure situation? Now, she is all about experiencing life through words and strange creations. I also have a younger sister; she is currently in college. Your ideal response should be short and supported by relevant facts. Don’t say that you are a fitness enthusiast even if it’s been more than a year since you last hit the gym. Some genuinely nice stuff on this web site, I love it. The first layer is obvious – there are looking for cues or red flags on why they should not hire you. well for this question and answer smartly. I spoken english every morning from now on.. When an interviewer asks you this question, he is keen on knowing how you are affected by pressure and what is your way of managing it. This is another most common question in any HR interview. Thank You for sharing these important questions with us. If you didn’t do your homework well, you can’t actually answer this question without stumbling and guessing. Your answer helps them gauge your level of maturity, insight, how you act in different situations. They ask this question. Thanks so much for the relieve I feel am better now. I learn new information from your article , you are doing a great job . And, even if you have an impressive list of strengths to your name, try not to come across as too arrogant. What are you doing to improve on your weaknesses? Start with your most recent achievements and tell them why you are well-qualified for the job. Summarising the points given above, here are the real questions nestled within a broader ‘What are your weaknesses’. HR interview more often, is not a selection process, but a short listing process, where few of the selected candidates from previous rounds are weeded out. Dealing with, By asking this question, the interviewer usually intends to know things beyond. This is a very tricky question. Thanks really very importand and very helpful in my life. By asking this question, the interviewer usually wants to ask “What makes you best-fit for this position?”. First Job Tips: Are You Killing Your Career With These Fatal Mistakes? My name is ___. Tough HR Interview Question, “I am very well today sir, just that the traffic here is bit of a hassle. Remember, the key to actually bagging the job is to maintaining the right body language, as much as it is about answering the questions correctly. We are always happy to help. I am also good with object-oriented programming, Core Java, C++, Android framework. Step By Step Process To Prepare For Off-Campus Placements, Interview Questions: ‘Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years’. Still, avoid mentioning it. The article is very helpful for freshers and even while changing jobs. Can AMCAT Help You Succeed In Off-Campus Placements? Neither would you want to commit to a small number and put yourself in a corner. This query comes from the niggling set of tricky fresher interview questions and is an attempt at understanding the ideal work environment for the candidate. Tell me about yourself.Click here to find Interview questions,Interview preparation ,Interview puzzles etc updated on Nov 2020 ... is the No.1 Jobsite for Freshers in India with over 1 Crore+ resumes and 60K+ recruiters hiring through us. To know more about creating your work goals, we recommend this read. And she does that as a workaholic writer and editor with the blogs that she works on, especially on higher education, parenting and the mysteries around life. Read more on how to answer Tell Me About Yourself in a job interview. I am also a very hardworking person and I get upset when I fail to finish my task within the given timeline and it is my biggest weakness. You must not provide wrong facts and figures and disregard a firm in any manner.