The need for this work arises as those results given to you after doing an internet search are determined by a computer and these fancy things called algorithms. © 2020, Bold Limited. Worked as an independent contractor analyzing utility of search engine results for specific queries, while meeting accuracy and production requirements. Designed and created marketing collateral for sales meetings, trade shows and company executives. Provide feedback to ensure that Internet search results are relevant to the searcher's intent and accurate. The SEA Model is tailored only to participants, enthusiasts and applicants for Google’s search quality rating project. Developed, designed and produced corporate newsletters and other promotional direct mail items as directed by marketing. Contributed to relevant events to increase brand awareness. Performed comparative analysis and reporting on sets of search engine results. Rated search engine queries by quality Maintained optimal tasks per hour, Studied and evaluated search engine queries Summarized web site utilities Optimized search engine results, Evaluated search engine queries Used in-house software to evaluate webpage quality Submitted quality/utility reviews of search engine queries and associated webpages. Required quick reading and problem-solving skills in order to complete tasks on time. Nope. The goal is to improve user experience to make sure people are getting the best results for words they enter into a search bar or search … It's also suitable for SEOs and marketers looking for a competitive edge by learning more about search evaluation and applying this knowledge in their content and optimization strategies. Internet-based research information evaluation and webpage rating. You will have to take a qualification test before getting hired. Achieved top 5 organic rankings using best search engine optimization practices for company's targeted keywords in Google and Yahoo. You should think of it more as an alternative, advanced version of the guidelines. integration. The need for this work arises as those results given to you after doing an internet search are determined by a computer and these fancy things called algorithms. Looked at SEO from a third party perspective. Everything in this model was thought so that it makes sense on its own and in a way that facilitates the use of mnemonics, which are techniques to help the brain retain and recall important information. Communicate effectiveness of web page information and design. Website Content Creation - Created html code for websites from Excel documents. I know how difficult it is to pass the search engine qualification test, hardly 1 out of 100 people go through it successfully. Rated the relevance of 2,000+ videos, images and local business query results given by the search engine. Through joining forces with Leapforce, Appen has become an even more prominent leader in the search engine evaluation industry, so it’s definitely an excellent time to try to join the company as an evaluator. Evaluated and analyzed online search results according to specific guidelines. Contracted with Leapforce to provide search engine evaluation tasks for Leapforce clients using the Google Rater system. Ensured the efficient and optimal day-to-day operation of Appen Butler Hill - Telecommute the caf 's services. A search engine evaluator provides educated feedback and critical insights for search engine companies like Google.. Applied strict guidelines to ensure accurate ratings. Probably not. Provide feedback to ensure that Internet search results are relevant to the searcher's intent and accurate. Produced packaging for domestic and international markets. Reviewed web pages to evaluate relevance with client's requirements and followed detailed specification to ensure standards were met or exceeded. lol.”, “very entertaining. Worked closely with major Search Engine Providers to streamline user interaction. Thank you very much. Rated and Scored various websites using Google's and Leapforce's rating system. It wouldn’t be anywhere near as valuable if it was. Learned SEO strategies for improving search engine rankings. Required communication via email, creating my own invoices, and learning new software. The core of the job is to assign quality ratings for webpages and relevance ratings for search results. Analyzed and compared probable intent of user queries to search engine results. Developed optimized landing page templates that led to 60% increase in conversion in paid search (PPC) traffic. Conducted in-depth internet-based research and provided information evaluation for leading internet search engine companies by ranking and categorizing search results. Definitely worthy!”. Evaluated web pages to verify relevance and utility of query results for Google's Spam Team. Google may change these labels tomorrow and everything will still work the same. Evaluated mobile query results based on how useful the mobile website is for users. So, for example, you will notice that the rating labels used in the model are Bad, Below Average, Medium, Strong and Strongest, while the labels used in the general guidelines are Fails to Meet, Slightly Meets, Moderately Meets, Highly Meets and Fully Meets. Perform evaluation of search engine results based on criteria provided. Worked with IT group to monitor web services and make them more efficient. Worked as an independent contractor evaluating search engine results for major search engine and social media sites. Required me to log my own hours and be independent. It’s tailored to applicants who are preparing for the qualification test at Appen or Lionbridge and also evaluators who are looking to improve their performance and rating skills at work. Aided in launching the SiiZU blog page, ultimately increasing Facebook engagement through promotions by 880% in one week. Created one video-heavy Wordpress site for a client that utilized only Youtube to create brand recognition previously. Utilized time management skills to ensure all results were completed in accordance with company standards. Evaluated search results for search engines and youtube. Worked as an independent contractor providing objective, up to date analysis of website quality and search engine performance. Provided search engine optimization (SEO) analysis and information architecture recommendations for Fortune 500 companies. You can check the above link to verify. Well worth the pr...”, “The instructor taught with such simplicity. Helped improve the quality and relevance of a search engine's results (clients: Google / Yahoo). Worked to improve the accuracy and efficiency of results for search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo! I would even say you should charge more. It’s those kinds of things that separate top raters from average raters. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of Search Engine Evaluator resumes they appeared on. Provided information evaluation for leading companies from around the globe. “The instructor taught with such simplicity. Reviewed and evaluated websites based on specific search terms and provided a rating. Recommended improvements for improving web search results. Search engine evaluator, 02/2012 to Current Appen. The SEA Model is an online course that was designed to be used as a supplementary resource to the general guidelines. How to Become a Search Engine Evaluator. Evaluated search engine results pages as an independent contractor in a work-at-home position. What you will find in the SEA Model took me years of hard work to put together. Advertising Coordinator & Graphic Designer. It teaches us how to think in a logical manner.”, “Surprisingly different from the guidelines. Conducted in-depth online research to evaluate usability and reliability of websites and pages according to company standards. Reviewed and rate organic search engine queries by keyword combinations among 5 star rating system. Monitored and analyzed paid search advertisements listed on Google results pages to determine their effectiveness and relevance. Predicted user intent and needs, and provided assessments based on the best and most user friendly options for the public. Perform evaluation of search engine results based on criteria provided. Designed web pages, graphic elements and infographics for email newsletters. Prioritized graphic workload and effectively coordinated multiple projects.