The TIP SE is just this light. Here is why: USB-C, unlike Mini and Micro USB, allows for fast charging. Im Ultralow-Modus, der absolut ausreicht um nachts etwas aus dem Rucksack herauszusuchen, bietet die Lampe eine ebenso lange Laufzeit wie die bewährte Nitecore Tube. 6th Annual Old Lumens Scratch build entry, 7th annual Old Lumens scratch build entry. i’ve seen it test at 750lumens, a couple hundred less than claimed, still plenty bright. Until this new protocol, we had basically been at the limit of safe charging speed for about 20 years. Blinkt sie nur zweimal ist es weniger und leuchtet sie gar nur einmal auf, dann ist der Akku bereits auf weniger als zehn Prozent entleert. Mid – 35 Lumens With a bevy ways to hold the light, the TIP works well in lots of different situations. WoW..any cheaper and they’d almost be FREE…. Ein kleines Stück elastisches Gewebeband an der Unterseite des Mützenschirms hält die 23,5 Gramm schwere / leichte Nitecore TIP problemlos in Stellung. If we are limiting competition to non-tube lights with USB-C charging Fenix E03R is literally the only other light out there and it is significantly worse, hitting only 260 lumens on high, less than half what you get with the TIP SE. I really dislike writing “this doesn’t work reviews.” Note that is different than a “this is a stupid design” review, which can be delightfully fun to write (see: Topo Designs Daypack). There are two switches on the TIP SE. The reverse side is identical, Worldwide Knifemaker Database and Directory, 5 from the Grinder: John D Dennehy (Dan-D Knives), Tony Bose, legendary slipjoint maker, passes away at 74, Weekend Open Thread: Altered deals and a CRKT M40 Giveaway, Want to be featured on The lack of cover for charging port makes me think twice. That alone tells you how interesting the TIP SE is. Idiot proofing something only creates improved idiots. It is not the worst thing, but it seems unnecessarily stupid. The lamp shape is a big plus ++++ NO ROLL! The finish quality looks dissapointing compared to all of the images previously available. They are behind individual TIR optics. Twitter Review Summary: Break free of tube tyranny. Today I have in for review the Nitecore TIP SE. I really dislike writing “this doesn’t work reviews.” Note that is different than a “this is a stupid design” review, which can be delightfully fun to write (see: Topo Designs Daypack). recommended. Packaging & First Impressions. There is only one 1xAAA sized light that can come close to 700 lumens, the Peak LED Solutions Eiger Ultra X can hit around 500-600 lumens, but costs and weighs twice as much. This is … It’s got an internal 500mAh battery, a micro USB charging port, a power button, a button to change modes, and a bar on the tail end of the light. The battery in the TIP SE is a built in 500mAh LiPO. All that aside, it has been a great pocket companion during the hottest month of the year, adding virtually no weight and a significant amount of utility. Der IP54-Standard garantiert aber trotzdem einen ausreichenden Schutz gegen Staub in schädigender Menge und allseitiges Spritzwasser. Nitecore TIP SE 700 Lumen USB-C Rechargeable Keychain Flashlight Compact, EDC Ready The Tip SE's dual LED doubles the power to 700 lumen while maintaining the compact size and stylish design of the original Tip. I really dislike writing “this doesn’t work reviews.” Note that is different than a “this is a stupid design” review, which can be delightfully fun to write (see: Topo Designs Daypack). The light can be on or off before making this change. It fell apart and was unrepairable. Wouldn’t have been my first choice for this cool little light, but they’re not too bad. Der Turbo-Modus mit 360 Lumen lässt sich hingegen nur durch einen langen Druck auf die Mode-Taste aktivieren. Einen Haken hat das Ganze laut Reddit-Nutzern allerdings: Die Lock-Funktion wird über einen Microchip kontrolliert, und der verbraucht Strom. Honestly, this would be great on any EDC light. If there is a Corvair of Everyday Commentary it is Nitecore. The clip covers the USB-C port to help stop dust from getting in. Does it have a rubber cover protecting the charging port? This is a straightforward review of a really good light. III, and the Fenix E16 (and E16R) are all true performance competitors but lack the high speed USB-C charging and, again, are at least twice as much. 22. Hallo, danke für Deinen Kommentar. turbo, From off, continue to hold either for momentary low or turbo until you By the time the beam gets any distance from the light, it’s perfectly combined. There are few concerns that blemish the torch, but nothing like the problems I have had historically with stuff from Nitecore. current of just above 0.5A, with termination just below 0.1A. The head of the light has a transluscent plastic bezel. Do you really need to hit something 500 meters away in a pocket torch? main frame of the light, and runs the length of the seam between the two Dabei startet die Nitecore TIP dank Memory-Funktion in der zuletzt genutzten Leuchtstärke. You have to do things to enhance the grip of a tube because fundamentally it tells you how it should be held. They’re also soft, unlike the switches on the TIP2. Good idea. Leuchtet sie dreimal hintereinander kurz auf, dann ist der Akku noch zu über 50 Prozent gefüllt. They are behind individual TIR optics. So when the Nitecore store offered me a review sample of the keychain torch the TIP SE, I was a bit trepidatious. Introduction. IMO they could have easily used a sealed-back MicroUSB connector instead and make it IP66… Or at least a simple silicone cover like in the tube. Okay, I know there are a few lights with dual, side-by-side emitters out there. Ebenso lässt sich der Ultralow-Modus durch einen langen Druck auf die Power-Taste aktivieren. But the original TIP had so many positive reviews that I was willing to wade back into the murky Nitecore waters. Mostly old-school tuber “AAA” LED types bought at yard sales. When you throw in the USB-C charging ability, the TIP SE is a winner. I should be ok. The emitters are the same between them. Also one of the very first lights I ordered directly from China! Andere Cookies, die den Komfort bei Benutzung dieser Website erhöhen, der Direktwerbung dienen oder die Interaktion mit anderen Websites und sozialen Netzwerken vereinfachen sollen, werden nur mit Ihrer Zustimmung gesetzt. Functional, but boring. So when the Nitecore store offered me a review sample of the keychain torch the TIP SE, I was a bit trepidatious. Recent Reviews: Light Flashlight Painting Buying Guide 2020 // LumeCube 2.0 // Lumintop FW1A // Light Painting Paradise Lightpainter // KDLITKER E6. Yipee! Ich schreibe sonst eigentlich nie etwas unter Testberichte aber hier muss ich ein großes Lob für die gute Recherche und den objektiven Bericht aussprechen. It’s a plastic tension fit clip, and is also the only means of cover on th USB-C charge port. The TIP SE is an excellent light. Read on for more! I don’t have $10,000 or even $1,000 worth of testing equipment. Die neue Nitecore TIP ist leicht und kompakt, unglaublich hell und überaus ausdauernd. The light Der Unterschied ist kaum wahrnehmbar und die Nitecore TIP hält hier beispielsweise beim Zeltaufbau oder Kochen im Camp im direkten Vergleich zur Tube rund sechs mal länger durch. That’s just my thoughts on it though. *, Diese Website setzt nur technisch notwendige oder funktionell erforderliche Cookies ein, die keine gesonderte Einwilligung des Nutzers erfordern. Click the Mode button while the light is off, and the switches (not the main emitter) will flash according to cell charge as follows: 3 flashes, cell is >50% Den Turbo-Modus mit 360 Lumen (das entspricht bei der Zimmerbeleuchtung in etwa einem herkömmlichen 40-Watt-Spot!)