Suzanne Downing and John Quick are two Alaskans who love Alaska and believe its better days are ahead. November 20, 2020 deasilex Alaska News 0. I have been discharged and continue recovering and working from home in Alaska.”. The witching season is here, and so are the campaign tricks. John and Suzanne talk about Alaska politics from the conservative side of the equation every Tuesday. An Anchorage trail project funded by CARES Act money and sold as a jobs project is unfinished and the nonprofit group that has the, This is the 400th year of the arrival of the Mayflower in New England. Pawlowski is coming back to Alaska after having served as chief of staff for Sen. Lisa Murkowski for five years. This podcast does a good job of activating us, but I would like it to highlight more specifically of what we can do to take back our state. All... Rep. Lance Pruitt lost his race in District 27 by 16 votes to Democrat activist Liz Snyder, but the question is being raised: Was there fraud?. Must Read Alaska clothing, hats, hoodies, t-shirts, coffee and skincare It is edited by Suzanne Downing, who first landed in Alaska in 1969, and has called it home ever since. Rumored Monday Shutdown, Requesting Mask Mandates, Trickle-Down Stupidity. Meyer to conduct audit on Ballot Measure 2, Mat-Su Assembly D-5 race to be recounted on Tuesday, Reality check: Republicans don’t control Alaska House, but neither do Democrats, High Court meddled in 2020 election, and it may have flipped this House seat, Parnell leads Alaska’s ‘Georgia Fund’ to win Senate runoff seats in January, Rep. Zulkosky: It’s not enough to recommend masks, they must be mandated by governor, Sen. Reinbold mixes it up with Alaska Airlines over onboard mask policy, Social media leftists send their greetings to Don Young, Map your risk of having a brush with COVID if you go to an event in Alaska, Craig Campbell: The ‘Make America Weak Again’ doctrine of Joe Biden, Crawford: Looking for $1 billion for budget? The Division of Elections uses Dominion Voting Systems and its vote tabulation software, which has... At the request of Mat-Su Borough Assembly candidate Lisa Behrens, the Assembly District 5 ballots will be recounted on Tuesday, Nov. 24 at 8:30 am. The op-ed was beautifully written and... To allay concerns about the accuracy of voting, Alaska Lt. Gov. John Quick is an entrepreneur, business owner, and problem solver who consults with businesses in Alaska while launching his own enterprises. Jon Faulkner, owner of Land’s End Resort, had set up a huge screen in the dining area, and on the screen was a board of OAN national elections results and Must Read Alaska live election programming from Anchorage. Also, Scott peers into the Al Gross Twitter feed only to find sad lies from overpaid pollsters, and he asks the question, "What does it take to get a recall approved, people?" “President Trump has had the opportunity to litigate his claims, and the courts have thus far found them without merit,” she wrote on Sunday. It has been in the four of the last five elections, and nothing is new, it’s... An inappropriate relationship between a news anchor and the married mayor of Anchorage, Alaska is blowing up both their careers. Pruitt would need more than 57 percent of them in order to overcome Snyder’s lead. Her... On Election Day, the lead story on the public broadcasting station for Dillingham and surrounding areas was a promotion for candidate Al Gross. During the following Rules Committee meeting, Cannon put his displeasure with Rivera on the record: “Defunding power cost equalization would gut a lifeline for rural Alaska” was published by the Anchorage Daily News on Nov. 10. He wrote this letter to a friend in England, in which he makes mention of the first Thanksgiving feast in 1621, highlighted in italics by MRAK below. Power Cost Equalization Fund has it, Fagan: What fear-mongering media isn’t telling you about COVID in Alaska, The hits just keep on coming from the Anchorage Cabal, Fagan: Outsiders manipulate Alaska elections, benefit Democrats, Local governments need to take a hard look at revenues, In memoriam: From Gross to grotesque, a campaign of profound dishonesty, ‘Land of No’: Biden is about to shipwreck Alaska’s economic boat, Please don’t send in the counselors and the hot cocoa, Sen. Shower: Ballot Measure 1 gets a ‘no’ vote from me, This sign is illegal in Alaska (but it will come down soon), The rock solid case against Ballot Measure 2. The club’s Dec. 3 program hails Palin as a “history-making woman leader, GOP kingmaker and beloved ‘Mama Grizzly,’ Governor Palin’s maverick personality, spot-on political instincts and deep connection with “the silent majority” of American voters have made her one of the most influential women in conservative politics.”. Must Read Alaska has learned she has scrubbed her announcement, which was scheduled for Thursday. Anchorage will have an unarmed crisis team that will handle mental health crisis calls within the Municipality during the fiscal year that. I’m not ready to accept that President Donald Trump did not win re-election. Donate $100 today. He's also a conservative millennial. An entertaining and informative show covering the latest happenings in Alaska. Clayton “Mokie” Tew leads Behrens by 11 votes, 1,312 to 1,301 for the open seat. I felt powerless and ignorant of what I can do about it. Often with knowledge experts. Keep the mainstream media on its toes. Mike Dunleavy used the Emergency Alert System on Thursday to plead with Alaskans to stay home if at all possible due to a rising number of COVID-19 cases in the state. My only wish is that MRAK spend a little more time explaining what we can do next, besides voting, to actually make a difference and make sure Alaska is run by Alaskans and not by outside interests or leftist zealots that move in and run for office because they have a large background working for leftist organizations that give them knowledge and eagerness to reach as far they can to affect us all. The number of intensive care unit beds available in Alaska has dropped to just 38, with 125 Alaskans in hospitals now with either COVID-19 or a suspected case of the infectious coronavirus. I’ve lived a lot of places and have learned to avoid places that are leftist and I think that is true of a lot of people that have chosen this state. use the following search parameters to narrow your results: Sarah Palin. The organization is based out of Colorado and expanding nationwide, to provide a conservative platform for citizens to organize around campaigns, causes, and to connect with other conservatives who might want to work on shared interests. Keeping the mainstream media on their toes. limit my search to u/MustReadAlaska. Must Read Alaska has learned that there are between 114 and 120 absentee votes left to be counted. The announcement was made today by Murkowski to her staff during their Monday staff meeting. On this week's episode, Suzanne Downing and John Quick discuss some breaking news at the state level and the assurance of victory from the Al Gross campaign. I think the average conservative doesn’t like spending much time thinking about local politics, running for office, being activists, and being apart of the government machine in general but that was before.I love Alaska. “Over the weekend, I was admitted to Providence Hospital for treatment and monitoring,” the Republican lawmaker tweeted Monday. All that and more on this week's podcast. On Sunday, Democrat Liz Snyder slipped ahead of Rep. Lance Pruitt by 17 votes. Young’s wife Ann is a nurse. On the Thursday Edition of the MRAK podcast, Scott Levesque discusses the sultry rumors of another restaurant shutdown, the reasons why state-wide mask mandates really suck, and how an AK Supreme Court ruling may have screwed over the incumbent in House District 27.