Or, would it be weird if I made Penang curry without the chilies? Thank you so much for your awesome posts. That so right up the “chilli lover” ally. What's the distinction between these two dishes? Fresh chili is only used in green curry paste and pad-cha. I’ll go a step further and say that your blog is an onlne masterclass. Panang curry is delicious! I’ve also used the jar method, very smart and clean with the oven, I always hated the mess from sterilizing them in water. Thank you. 1.3) Wash them throughly and cut them to about 1/2 – 1 inch in length. All of them contain some similar ingredients and some different ingredients. I have some paste left from that batch, which I’m gonna cook tonight to see if resting helps this time. I put my finished paste in a jar about 16 – 20 oz. Any of the smooth skin dried chili can be used in the Thai curry paste. Red curry (Kaeng Ped or literally "spicy soup/curry") is a very general term and includes most spicy curry-based soups without specific names. OMG…I wasn’t clear enough in my recipe, so sorry about that. Why do I call it the most basic? Hi, Miranti. Nowadays, it's just the colour of the chilies. I don’t think it is the shrimp paste unless you grill it until it burn. What vegetables would work? Jill, Reblogged this on Victual-alistic Affair and commented: ( Log Out /  Hi! You can stir-fry at medium heat until the curry paste look dry. In that case I would recommend Thai chili. What's the difference between Red and Panang curry? Also if you want to know how to use Kaeng Kua curry paste to make Panang curry paste, Kaeng Pa curry paste, Choo Chee curry paste and Kaeng Ped curry paste (This is the “generic” red curry paste that you will find in jars, cans and some people will use it for everything), just click on the link. I’d love to stop and chat but I’ve got to go read your new entry . 3.2) Fill the jars with curry paste and seal them. Hi, I tried this recipe to make the Thai panang curry from your blog. So I’m trying to scale it down. And now Miranti after perseverance with trial and error,you are a screaming success. I like to order some ingredients from online too. I cooked some Thai dessert, the Fhoi Thong, drizzled duck egg yolk in syrup, and asked her “What’s the temperature of the syrup?”. (LOL) I was interstate for the weekend and went to a Thai restaurant for dinner both nights. If you found a jar of a red curry paste in my fridge, most likely it would be the Kaeng Kua curry paste. My uncle lives in Thailand and I like to “impress” him when he comes home to visit. Another great post. Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. I’m with cluttercafe. Thanks for asking, soon can correct my recipe. • A Thai cooking instructor. Is there any curry paste that is non spicy to make it kid friendly? Any vegetables you like would work, as long as they don’t get soggy or disappear after cooking. Every household in Thailand has their own family recipe. I felt my result tasted too strongly of shrimp paste (and this is coming from someone who looooves shrimp paste). I don’t know how long but go for the texture more than time. In fact, I don’t think I’ve seen fresh red chillies used anywhere in your recipes except for the dipping sauce. The food there is wonderful. lol…sorry for being so blunt! Salt helps preserve the curry paste. The Thai used fresh red chili in pad-cha (I haven’t written about it yet) and sometime in southern style Kaeng-Leung or some Kaeng-som only or you might found it sliced in the curry but not using it to make red curry paste. Mix it with coconut oil, ghee or any other fat and it will last forever. Because after making the paste then you will be cooking them in coconut cream. I love Thai cooking. Once I get on my computer I will fix it for you. Also, I did not have white peppercorns and I used black ones in my previous curries. When I saw that people freeze the curry paste, it just made my knees weak. I have a very hard time finding ingredients though. I think Vitamix doing something different or make a fine paste would allow the flavor to blend the same way as mush them with mortar and pestle. And the seasons change the amount of water in each ingredient. Tastes more like what I had hope for! Was the theory of special relativity sparked by a dream about cows being electrocuted? Having lived in Thailand for the past month and a half, I feel like I should know this. Some measurement said to add “one full can” of flour. Back to the recipe…I’ve seen a lot in my family recipe…handful if something, few knuckles long of some roots, dash of so and so…grrrrrrr…I’m so not precise in my cooking but those kind of recipes drove me off the cliff sometime! As I told you before, I’m going to make a big batch of this Kaeng Kua curry paste. Put them in at the last five minutes of baking the jars. The savory dishes was not as ridiculous as dessert recipe. Just as in Italian cooking not every tomato-based sauce would be called Marinara–there is Arrabbiata, Puttanessca, Amatriciana and so on—with Thai cooking we have many different curry pastes that appear to be red in color and yet are the not the same either. Yes, baked in the oven instead of boiling them in hot water. Hi, lots of thanks again for this great source of cooking teaching and inspiration, I have learned to make the curry paste following your blog articles. Pretty funny. First, you need to identify the red curry pastes by their names. Panang won’t be panang. I searched and searched, what kind of flour comes in a can, then my other aunt told me it was an old empty milk can that my grandma and my aunt used to scoop flour out of the sack! BTW let me correct your blog name here. I love Panang curry and Thai food in general. Meanwhile, my problem with replicating spur chilis led to an experimentation of 15 Chinese chilis, 5 Costena chilis, 4 Puya chilis. It might. I love your blog and the recipe! Smooth puree, that’s what we’re looking for. I have no idea where I would get California or Anaheim chillies. Red curry (Kaeng Ped or literally "spicy soup/curry") is a very general term and includes most spicy curry-based soups without specific names. And you’re right — freezing ruins just about everything. It’s common that the curry is going to be good the next day The flavor would blended more. Connect with me on Facebook. Finally, I think it was great when you reminded people to keep that intention of making something fresh…so don’t freeze it! Again, with rice, and you will feel it all the way in and all the way out. This recipe I’m giving you is enough for a pot of curry for the whole village or at least for two dozen of people who eat only curry for their meals. Thanks for sharing this post. Enjoy orange curry with a hot bowl of Thai jasmine rice. If you can’t find cilantro root sometime I skip because the cilantro stem can give some earthy greenie smell that I don’t like. Sour, salty and sweet, it’s an easy dish to slurp and eat without being worried about the heat creeping up on you. Is it come out slimy at all? It loses the potency of fresh-made curry paste, that’s all. I totally can’t cook anything, but as you know, I adore Thai food. This is the curry that has little influence from Indian or Moslem cuisine, so there are no dried spices used in the paste. So this list is at least a good start for you to learn the different varieties. Most Western people have an expectation that ‘green curry’ is milder than red and so the cultivar chosen for green curry tends to be fairly mild. Sounds complicated and risky, right? It’s a Thai favorite, eaten with rice noodles and pickled vegetables. The bird’s-eye chili provides the intense, mouth-fanning heat, while the yellow color comes from the turmeric. Ingredient-wise, Panaeng curry paste is sold separately and I don't know how different it is to normal curry paste. It’s really encouraging to continue even though I have so little time. How can I make this curry given my list of ingredients? Trevor, let alone the non-Thai, I do have problem with them myself! Where do you live? This way you can store the curry paste up to a year. Great! Miranti said it best: “Mush with extreme caution” (or something like that :). Interestingly, a ball of butter was 1 lb. I’ve already taught you Green Curry, so now we’re going to talk about the most used curry in Thai cooking, Red Curry. Fresh red chilli is so juicy. I can just get that next time. When fresh red chille showed up in curry paste, they normally appeared to be coursed paste unlike the curry paste with dried red chille that are fine paste. The mix or the amount of the chili is depend on your preference. We don’t use them as often in curry paste, especially in curry paste that will be cook with coconut milk. Pick the chili that is dark in color. This was an amaaaaazing post. Read the green curry paste post for the picture of the Vegemite. . I never try that before. Detect an IR signal with a photodiode to use it with a microcontroller, Advice for getting a paper published as a highschooler. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Baby proofing the space between fridge and wall. if you were to use fresh Thai chilies, how many would you use? Why do dig, host and nslookup return different results? I use a can of 400ml aroy-d coconut milk, but i might not be patient enough, Also, I have never cooked a curry for 4 people, but i always get the feeling that it was not enough sauce for 4 people with 1 can….