It is fantastic to see British wool featured. 2ply Jumper Weight top to bottom: FC61, 203, 121, 1283, FC12, 4, Wool Bales. 2ply Jumper Weight top to bottom: 3, 27, 1, 16, 101, Stratsraad Lehmkuhkl, Lerwick Harbour. Here are links to Christina’s shop – Shetland Handweavers and Etsy Page. 1281, FC38, FC44, FC11, Seapinks and Sea, Northmavine. Historic working district woolmill situated in Knockando, in the Spey valley, Scotland. Dian Picone. Certified organic knitting yarns from traditional British sheep. She adopts a collaborative and systematic approach to making and sharing through painting, textiles and the digital. I’ve been given a bag of raw Texel fleece (roughly 2 1/2 coats in a bag) as a birthday gift that I would like processed and spun into yarn for knitting – personal use only, not selling. There is a group on facebook which aims to link knitters who like to know about the provenance of their wool with the people who keep the sheep/ alpacas and sell the wool. The Difference Between Woollen and Worsted Spun (J&S), 2pm – Choose Wisely – Check its Wool (Campaign for Wool). Jamiesons of Shetland 5th Generation Family Business producing on site ⭐100% Pure Shetland Wool for Knitting & Weaving ⭐Traditional Fair Isle Knitwear It allowed me to use the same design on the heel and the toe. We do this ourselves and sell via our Etsy shop, and through local wool shops. NATURAL CUSHIONS/RUGS We still have a small stock of these undyed Cushions and Rugs which make great presents and keep you warm! Can I post a link for Seren, a DK Welsh Mule (BFL/Welsh White Mountain) yarn, produced in my own part of Wales in the Cambrian Mountains and dyed by me in my studio. She was inspired by the textures and colours of the woolstore which I think translated well into her use of natural colours in the Heritage and Tops. Jamieson's of Shetland Yarn & Wool. To me, islands are places of coming together. Yarn-dyer based in Manchester with some stunning coloured wool. Sustainably produced, our products glean their aesthetic qualities from the Hebridean landscape and culture. The body and sleeves are machine-knitted on a domestic machine then the yokes are hand knit. I will send her a link to your blog. The Ardalanish Mill on the Isle of Mull not only spins its own yarn but also weaves it into beautiful fabrics. This Yorkshire firm produce beautiful yarns from British breeds, all spun and dyed in Yorkshire . Many thanks for putting our Farm to Yarn family business on the list proud to fly the flag for British Wool from our Debin Farm. ), thank you to everyone who took part – it has been a great KAL. This blended yarn never fulfilled the family’s dream of 100% pure Shetland knitwear; grown, spun and knitted in the Shetland Isles. If you’d like to see any more of my designs you can find me on Etsy as TakDeeSock and on Ravelry as Lesley Smith Designs. 2ply Jumper Weight top to bottom: 2. I could not have my life without it. Happy knitting! 2ply Lace Weight top to bottom: L63, L15, L53, L96, L95, Wintery Beach. The Little Grey Sheep – from sheep loved and cared for in Hampshire, sheared by Susie, washed in Yorkshire, spun in Devon and hand dyed on the farm by Emma. all yarn are made from new zeland wool . Can’t find anything like it here in CA and my old yarn shops in NE are no longer in business. The kirk was a place of worship and relaxation for them. It was a heavyweight yarn, repelled water. Low Sutton Wool produces a range of undyed yarns from our own flock of Ryelands and other breeds of sheep kept locally to us in the Yorkshire Dales. our firm produce Woollen yarn , we are able to offer you raw yarn from NM 1 to 5 NM on good price . Anyone can recommend me a company which produce yarns suitable for hand tufting? Approx. I loved the use of different materials withing the work and found them very beautiufl to look at and stand under. JC Rennie woollen yarn for hand knitting, weaving and machine knitting. Happy Knitting! 2ply Jumper Weight top to bottom: 81, FC41, FC11, FC6 and 1A. Thanks for your comments…. Shetland wool on Burlap. The Shetland Islands are located north-east of Scotland at 60 degrees latitude and are almost as close to Norway as they are Scotland. on November 30, 2017 at 10:04 am. (my personal beef with yarn articles – where are the weavers??) Recognising the urgent need to increase production, the Jamieson family were among the first in the islands to harness computerised knitting technology. The next generation, Bertie (Andrew’s son) expanded the business in 1952 by opening a retail outlet in Lerwick, Shetland’s capital town. Future projects include fibre from Wiltshire and Devon. A family owned business; we produce the purest 100% Shetland yarn and have done for decades. J&S have an enticing range of colours waiting to grab your attention but it’s the natural shades that always sit best with my work. Yarn Stories manufactured in Huddersfield. In the 1960's the business moved to Lerwick where it remains today. The next generation, Bertie (Andrew’s son) expanded the business in 1952 by opening a retail outlet in Lerwick, Shetland’s capital town. This colourful history inspired me. Not only have these textures, colours and smells stuck with me, the coming together of community to work collectively had a huge impact on me too. Jamiesons Of Shetland, Sandness Industrial Estate, Sandness, Shetland, ZE2 9PL - [email protected] Notify me of follow-up comments by email. They’ll be exhibiting at our Meet the Manufacturer event in May. Living on a small island like Fair Isle simultaneously requires self-sufficiency and a willingness to rely on neighbours. Cilla was inspired by the textures in the woolstore and decided to work with crochet and balls to represent the reach of Shetland Wool all over the world. Here, I am going to show you how to pick up the heel stitches after the rest of the sock has been knit. At one time I was able to get to yarn from Lochcarron but no longer.