Love to you all you fellow light keepers. I know you kind, but you don’t know me since i am not one of them. However, if you feel you self-identify with a lot of the below traits, then you may be an indigo … Advice: Don’t freak out, but just accept it as a symptom of where you are right now. I have all of these and I never could put myself into words. Indigo Aura Personality – Brave, Fearless Loners. So what does that mean ??? What you are experiencing is an opening of the crown chakra. – How Does It Change Things. i felt almost as if a i was standing underneath a waterfall but instead of water it was knowledge. My grand-nephew and his mother are both somewhere on this spectrum. I can feel people around me – '\n"; I think I was 45 when I realized that as a kid, I was right in my notions and perspectives. I’m curious if other star children find that the pendulum swings like a helicopter in a clockwise circle in response to their aura ( rather intense more on the head/third eye/ heart chakras)….but all chakras are open it seems for myself. if (document.my_form.a276229.value == 0) { 8b. I am often frustrated as I see and experience situations where I cannot express my true nature. I never had friends because they thought I was weird but that was ok for me. I need help in discovering a niche that I can I succeed in, but I would really rather be able to make a living doing what my calling truly is which is helping others in this world come to love. Now, I’m both unnerved and liberated at the same time. I had almost every single characteristic listed above. result = false; However, they are also highly sensitive. For others, the sleep requirements have changed. I am currently enduring what has been called “The dark night of the soul” yet I must endure. I am a dork. And my vision I had was standing in the bay of coos bay Oregon it was dark yet morning and I felt an earthquake and saw a wall of water and the date is for the earthquake is this coming Thursday. When I had worked through most of the issue, the condition was released. You will find an Indigo to be a great friend. Wonderful Thus the inner turmoil went away. Still searching, but feel different about the journey. This may be an older post however It is a new reading for me, hence new again. Since i met him I haven’t been in the emergency room at all and i haven’t had to take a antibiotic for about 18 mo. Feeling like you don’t fit in with society, your social groups, or perhaps even your family. Waiting for a reply. I hope I have she’d some encouragement. God bless. However, the classes at school never seemed right to me as a kid. After talking with my daughter, she informed me that her teacher didn’t make it go school that day and she missed her being that this teacher never missed school. '\n"; Another thing you can do is to stay present while eating — don’t watch TV or read. My parents were super demanding and strict and with time I lost some of my abilities. Everything in my life is double numbers. I’m on Facebook Veritas et Sapientia, please friend me and message me where you found me. True Indigo Out there I am expecting you Contact me at : [email protected] We have been the Ones we have been waiting for.” (Hopi), @lori We don’t have a disordered personality. They do not cower in the face of danger and are usually the first to step up to a challenge. result = false; The silence is with me true my days. Is he allright? Changes in weight. I am also an Indingo Child: the Delta generation. Keep in mind, this is only one planet; a tiny spec within this giant thing we call the multiverse. That way I don’t slip out of the habit. Even if just one more planet in the universe held the same diversity of life, that would represent a further 8.7 million species to discover. I apologize to those that may find me insane. Everyone observes yin and yang as a 2 dimensional object. What I have been learning in the last 2 days has shaken me to the core. if (document.my_form.a276006.value == 0) { It actually sickens me. We are not just an essence… We are not just other people… We are basically talking about a new race of man and woman. This sense of helplessness to help others and the wolrd is something I shared as well. Just because you do not feel at home in church walls does not mean you should lose out on the relationship with God your creator and his son Jesus who manifests the love we are trying to give rebirth to in our life time. I'm 65yrs old now. Hey Melissa, I’m a indigo and in all my learnings and teachings of the spiritual way I’ve been on I don’t believe God is real, but more that evolution is, true a cosmic boomb in the univers that’s what’s my intuvison is telling me, yes many indigos looks to religion, but we also cast it aside again. Your frequency is higher. I dont need a true awnser to what i am but i do like trying what i feel like doing to do it. 23 of these points are describing me on 100%. Traveling and restlessness has been in my vains for as long as I can remember. They have excellent attention to detail and work more quickly than others due to being able to “feel” their way through. It is not the case; it is just that they find decisions straightforward to make, and they often instinctively choose the right option. Enhanced senses of smell, touch, and/or taste. When your eyes are open or closed, you may see white shapes in your peripheral vision (these are your guides). Hello everyone! Try heading into nature, we are drawn to the mountains around trees for refueling of wonderful energy. But all that nonsense around eachothere creates something far bigger that works perfectly together. I read all the comments and I’d be just repeating them as they all exactly how I feel. Headaches, backaches, neck pains, flu-like symptoms (this is called vibrational flu), digestive problems, muscular spasms or cramps, racing heartbeat, chest pains, changes in sexual desire, numbness or pain in the limbs, and involuntary vocalizations or bodily movements. I laughed to myself.