Recent case studies have also shown the efficacy of HOCl in treating and managing the hypertrophic and keloid scars. It even earns the 100% top allergen-free rating by the Mayo Clinic’s SkinSafe product safety rating system. pure&clean™ Disinfectant/Sanitizer is a highly effective surface cleanser that can be used at home in the kitchen, nursery, restrooms, tables, work desks, in schools, restaurants, medical clinics, long-term care and hospitals. The body is made of millions of cells that need energy to function. HOCl is involved in the last step of the Oxidative Route in the fight against infection and invasion of foreign substances. As in inside all humans, this very moment. But when it comes to your home, office, or business, it is the perfect tool for sanitation considering its non-toxic and biodegradable properties. For more information on ultrasonic nebulizers visit Contronics Dry Misting USA. When an electrical current is applied to the solution, the molecules break apart and the elements form two new molecules: Nature’s super powerful disinfectant, and also the ingredient that gives bleach its anti-microbial power. Saltwater Biocides complies with the EPA‘s requirements for an Establishment Number for an On-Site Pesticidal Device, and satifies requirements for proper labeling. H0Cl also works to prevent biofilm production, as well as deactivating problematic enzymes. Antimicrobial Action (HOCl) is a strong oxidant and tends to remove electrons from another substance. New viral and bacterial infections are on the rise, are increasingly deadly with increased morbidity and high mortality rates. Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) Nature’s super powerful disinfectant, and also the ingredient that gives bleach its anti-microbial power. Equally safe in workspaces or common areas, even around food. How is Hypochlorous Acid Produced? It is completely non-toxic and is not irritating to eyes or skin. Even if it were accidentally ingested, HOCl would not cause harm. Choosing H0Cl disinfection is the only TRUE way to disinfect and maintain a safe environment in the face of a pandemic. Nature’s organic, super-powerful disinfectant also contains the ingredient that gives bleach its antimicrobial power. Hypochlorous Acid is active for only about 24-36 hours, making it less than ideal for use as a commercial product. Toll Free: 1-800-497-1488 We use powerful and super effective yet safe Broad-Spectrum disinfecting agents that are 100% EPA-Registered, and Certified. hiv More businesses are evaluating the technology, in light of growing concerns about cleaning and sanitizing procedures. hypochlorous acid No Ventilation, Wiping, Washing or Rinsing Required, even on Food Contact Surfaces. It is naturally present in small molecules organically produced by white blood cells as a response to kill microorganisms before they invade the immune system. But you may not see this substance sold in stores because of its relatively short shelf life. There is no restriction as to how much HOCl is produced. When considering what methods or chemicals to use to keep yourself, family, friends, and business safe, there are many elements one must consider. First Responders A fast-acting agent quickly destroys microbes hence reducing the duration of potential contact with the microbes. wound nurse, Stabilized HOCl solution had dose-dependent favorable effects on fibroblast and keratinocyte migration compared to povidone iodine and media alone. It is a weak mixture of chemicals extensively used in deodorants and household bleach. Recommendations include the intralesional use of HOCl or other techniques that make sure the wound is covered with the solution for 15 minutes after debridement. While Force of Nature is an EPA-registered disinfectant federally, the registration process in your state is not yet complete. They are powerful and effective for the toughest cleaning challenge. When applied appropriately, viruses are eliminated in a matter of only seconds. CDC advocates for proper and regular surface disinfection of regularly touched surfaces and objects such as doorknobs, light switches, kitchen cabinets, and countertops, to prevent the spread of microbes that cause infections. Powerful yet gentle, HypoCleanse solutions can be used even in occupied rooms and are effective at cleaning any surface and eliminating germs. Hypochlorous acid is so gentle that it has several uses in the healthcare and medical space. HOCl exerts bactericidal properties and immediately destroys the bacteria swallowed by neutrophils. firefighters Since they contain no harsh chemicals and produce no toxic fumes, they don’t cause respiratory issues in residents or staff. Our powerful solutions can be used on any surface­–desks, floors, toys, even dirty hands. Glucose is carried to the cells through the bloodstream, with the help of insulin.