They exclude delivery charges and customs duties and do not include additional charges for installation or activation options. Enables card ID number printing, including an optional customer prefix, on HID direct printable proximity cards when used with a dye sublimation printer. N = No External Card Numbering Find your HID proximity card model number below, Choose 125 kHz 26 bit (H10301), 37 bit (H10302), or 40 bit (C10106) formatting, Configure your card programming options and place your order. endstream endobj startxref 486 0 obj <>stream Go to the HID Global website for more information. � �T�@Ǐ�}sL�8�l070\aH?�.2YQߔa!���Mj�'�d��P� _����%�,EA��DAA�0Vn�KS�j,Y�l�S ۳I/-���jzM)�إ�a������-��������LM�R-e``���{q��Ģ`�Y|8��w(� Exit Programming Mode On the digital keypad press . There will be a … H�쒱�PB-�� ��;�B�0�N�� ���[email protected]��(���2s[��(��J��j���d�c��c���"�L��'� ;-� @� �uU$ B – Black with HID Standard Artwork (Only HID 1391 Prox Patch) Enables OEMs to restrict facility codes and number ranges within their proprietary formats for field offices, dealers, and end-users. Facility Code – also sometimes called “Site Code”, this is part of the internal programming that is common to all cards on an order. Open Support Ticket >> more information. M – Sequential Matching Internal/External (Printed) Programming information NOT required – only for locations with HID Prox programming equipment on site (Not common)*. �1b�iο쭎X��ۮ��l����,��o&�l,��AR/2�zb�ϭ�e�P5�x��OE�Z�U�j�?��ֱ՟��¦�Ѯ��m_�-��k��7W���Pib��=V�%�?�-X �LΤ�����0�B�/��L�,:d!u�9�\.&�I�H��E���,+v�&-��kQ�C}�Bpo�E���|�H A��'��ʂ���(����]���ţ|̂��^�`�x�o��c��}!o�u�^'�j����p�fĂi�9���&�-���/���8z=z���{��f���&�K��=0"AnΝ�^���ƺVY���WR[0�nr*q^�ywY�IݧF�V���.�l9-�xۏ;���zUgrW7wSc]0�+Ƃ=���n7�{λ��g��>uY�Aע�7-���hГ�m%�����,� ��Fs��d��v҆�!^oѯ�w�6}s����|�A @����� !HHR�� !X� 2��`!X� 2��`!X� 2��`!X� 2��`!X� 2��`!�,�'�1�`�`]�b�q~�Xx� ���&�5�`h�X��� ��-�-caftXXk�z�XX=�5�D���%ѣ}c��h. Programs all HID proximity cards and tags.*. Because most systems generally accommodate multiple facility codes – and read both the facility code and card number to validate a card – it is typically not a requirement that the facility code be the same as your existing cards for them to be read correctly. The Temperature Screening Kiosk provided the perfect solution for a higher-education setting. Faster Programming - Batch load up to 2,000 HID cards or keytags with a single keypad command sequence. Encrypted data transmission between PC and Programmer. To help you understand your choices and options, we’ll review the information required in the ordering process—including card formatting and appearance options—and provide an example order for one of the most popular configurations, the HID 1326 Clamshell Prox Card. A Block Delete feature allows for efficient badge administration by deleting a sequential range of cards/keytags from the EntryProx by user location. The versatile, attractive unit is easily modified to become an on-line reader by switching to Wiegand output mode, allowing it to connect to any OEM controller and provide card and PIN output. Code 50 for a New York office and code 80 for Los Angeles) or other variable. S – HID Standard Artwork – Vinyl with Matte Finish N – No Slot Punch (Printed location of vertical and horizontal slot punch will remain) 40 Bit C10106 Format Cards -HID assigns the card numbering, so there is no risk of duplicating card numbers. V = Vertical Slot Punch, Final Part Number: 1326LSSMV Featuring contactless 125 kHz RFID technology, HID Prox readers are affordable, integrate seamlessly with access control systems, and allow for the use of multiple form factors, including smart cards, fobs and tags. Visit our privacy policy page to learn more. You just need to add a different format into your door access system. Protect the people who power your organization by knowing who enters your building, and when. All Rights Reserved, HID 1326 ProxCard II Cards - PROGRAMMED - Qty. Programs HID proximity credentials ON DEMAND.*. Each HID prox card not only includes the base part number, but also a series of letters to indicate a Credential’s appearance options (e.g., LGSMV). endstream endobj 479 0 obj <>stream HID's EntryProx™ stand-alone reader truly stands alone in what it delivers. Creating a secure ID card design used for badge card issuance is one effective approach used to help protect people and secure the building. S = Base with Molded HID Logo Many customers confuse the process of synching your new credentials to your system with ‘programming’ them. R – Random Internal/Non-Matching Sequential External (Printed) 125kHz Proximity cards. Learn about a simple, automated kiosk solution that handles health screenings, policy updates, and location tracing from a single source. Programming information is specified at time of order. "I have always received excellent service from your representatives. Then use the base part number to find your prox card or fob. N – No External Card Numbering The ACT 5e prox is now ready for normal use. We need just a few more details to get the right person in touch with you. *Prices are pre-tax. The LED turns red and programming mode is exited. L = Programmed, Low Frequency (125 kHz) HID. HID Indala 125 kHz Proximity Readers featuring FlexSecur® technology, provide an added level of access control … Attractive, compact, weatherized, and vandal-resistant, these readers are … HID Indala 125 kHz Proximity Readers featuring FlexSecur® technology, provide an added level of access control system security by screening out unauthorized cards prior to sending card data to the host system. 6. G = Plain White PVC with Gloss Finish on front for equipment or software I currently own. The 1326 HID proximity access card is about the same size as a standard credit card, and can easily be carried in a wallet, badge clip or badge reel for convenient applicability to access control systems. You can add custom artwork to your HID Prox Cards by contacting one of our ID Experts at (877) 868-0012. The reader, designed to be weatherand vandal-resistant, can be mounted indoors or outdoors up to 10 feet away from the control unit using the detachable antenna module. 26 Bit H10301 Format Cards - Requires that a facility code and card start number are specified by the customer when placing an order. HID prox cards and HID iClass contactless credentials are the gold standard in proximity technology. HID 125kz Prox Credentials Programming Order Form IMPORTANT ORDERING INFORMATION: The items you wish to purchase are not normal stock items they are custom programmed to your requirements. Examples of other HID 1326 card appearance configurations are: Final Part Number: 1326LGSNV G – Plain Gray Finish, (No Artwork) (Only HID 1391 Prox Patch) For security managers, dealers, integrators and OEMs, HID proximity access cards seamlessly integrate with access control systems making setup quick and easy. (1326, 1386, 2020, 2050, 1536, 1586, etc), Programming/Frequency It is important that you do not overlap card ranges. Compare HID Prox Cards – 125 kHz Proximity, Compare HID iClass Credentials – 13.56 MHz Contactless, Compare Indala Prox Cards – 125 kHz Proximity, Durable New HID ProxKey and iClass KeyFob Design Doubles Read Range, Looking to save money? Proximity cards, also known as Prox cards or access control cards, are contactless ID cards or keyfobs containing programming that is “read” by a card reader to control and secure physical access.