User THLycanthrope says: “Once you know what it is, it's much easier. While losing your accent entirely isn’t necessary, learning how to speak with a more Americanized accent can save you from having to repeat yourself and may also, The most important person you will ever communicate with is yourself. There's a reason you call your ear, nose and throat specialist an ENT doctor. For many non-native speakers, the “xth” three-consonant cluster in words like “sixth” are quite the tongue twister. This is a doctor who specializes in treating eye, nose, and ear conditions. Hello everyone. While the catchy tune in 1964's Mary Poppins popularized the term, the coined word actually dates back a little farther to the '40s, according to Oxford English Dictionaries. Budding writers know that a synecdoche is a figure of speech where a part represents a whole (like you might call a car your "wheels") or vice versa. In fact, if you are a native English speaker, there are several sounds that are quite challenging. Take the word “know”, if it was pronounced phonetically, the “k” would be spoken. If you think you need some extra help, contact us and we can set you up with a 7-day free trial of our pronunciation program. While the popularity of this ancient grain has grown in recent years because of its “superfood” powers, many people still struggle with how to pronounce quinoa because of its numerous vowel blends. People instinctively pronounce it as “Wore-chester-shy-err” or as “Wore-sesst-err-sheer,” both of which are pretty good attempts for those who haven’t seen this word before. According to Merriam-Webster, "The \y\ heard from many speakers is not an intrusion but rather a common pronunciation of the vowel U after a consonant, as in January and annual.". There is also a type of flowering land plants that are called anemones. If you break it up like worce-ster-shire, the pronunciation makes sense.”. Find out what the longest word in English is. Even young native English speakers will pronounce this as “Col-oh-nell.”. CNN anchor Jake Tapper recently used this word on air and quickly prompted a 4,695% surge in lookups on Merriam-Webster. Non-native English speakers can easily get confused by the pronunciation of this British word because it … It also makes it hard to pronounce many words confidently and correctly, due to the inconsistent relationship spelling has with pronunciation. Yes, it's only one syllable. An isthmus is a narrow piece of land that is located between two different seas. The second ridiculous British name on our list is the city of Loughborough. Either “KEEN-wah,” “ken-WAG, or “KEN-o-ah”. A squirrel is a bushy tailed rodent that lives in trees. Much like ‘thorough’, the silent ‘g’ is there to trick you, but this time only ONE of the ‘g's is silent and the first ‘g’ actually makes an ‘f’ sound. Let’s start with some of the most difficult words to pronounce in … So ‘exactly’ might not look too difficult but there’s something about the combination of the ‘t’ and ‘l’ sounds that causes new English speakers a lot of trouble. When someone deteriorates their condition grows worse. Good luck saying — and spelling — this doozy! Basically, things are getting bad. To be fair though I can't pronounce their word for it either.”. With only six letters, “dilate” really shouldn’t be one of the hard words to spell, but the way people usually pronounce it can throw spellers for a loop. No, it's not just the booze talking. Why is it that words that have something to do with drinking are such hard words to say when drunk? To make matters worse, this word is also pronounced differently by English speakers in America to those in the UK- making it even more difficult! In the end, this word sounds like “Is-muss.”. Multiple “s” sounds in one word is usually hard for non-native English speakers to get used to, as we learned with “Scissors.” Isthmus adds another tough letter combination, “th,” directly into the middle of the word. This is not one of those hard words to say with a lisp, as you are supposed to sound like your lisping slightly. Say what? Let’s look at 12 of the hardest words to pronounce in English.