Gender Bias in the Iranian High School EFL Textbooks Mohadeseh Amini (Corresponding author) Department of English Literature, Karaj Branch, Islamic Azad University, Karaj, Iran. However, gender representation in assessment papers, another commonly occurring genre in education, remains unexplored in Hong Kong research. ��Y��7�R���Rmk�#���q�¼6��q�NCa>y:>�'���s�\�4��"R��M���3X�R��ua�:����� �V*4����N�;�(,�í��7(F �@�vW��C^�f���w,^}m���—����ͅ�EB�VR�]E��ꎧ/�/�!P�˿�gZ΢#O��]���'��Q��yO�Ae�� ȑ�6>��Q>(\��]��%:��?&����[email protected]�]� N�w��& ާD�`YYƋ�ײtC}@5�F�% L�B�T��c0Eb7��Yx�f�Q�F%�`9��{�i����}*��Ŕn1�\�Gc ��Td����9)�*$�7���L�=2�J��C�7`\��.+��Fg���K9���j�Kaȫ[email protected]��|�b��&�?�8�1� ��9����;� �'�[a/�5$~�{�2�6lrMނ"q�-<9�Q�)X�9�|�0���(�$�afk�����}�h?�ph�h�.н(_e��� �A *��R2���=��[�ɔ+J*D^� V���1u���}�+���9"n4�I�AK%1I+�R%�j�B�|Gw׎|:��N���7NB��:�R�qA��~�X��"z�o/6���q�y2����ܵS�l���f4����5H&Eh�F)��eD�k�y?�m/�� mT2�bP��Y_^��`T\��`�_f���8�]��z���T�_���0�"�C{�-�/�z� Any queries (other than missing content) should be directed to the corresponding author for the article. �,n�0�����l���"@�~+� �s��Xr�VS��|`v`@��ѕ��"&Z! from the school textbooks because the authors do not condescend to notice them. It is ever-present in conversation, humor, and conflict, and it is called upon to … The study also reveals gender stereotypes including confining females to a limited range of traditional roles and activities, addressing females more informally than males, and a stronger tendency to identify females by their relationships with others. This bi-modal approach attempts to address a number of themes recurrent in the visual contents of the selected textbooks. Background paper for the Education for all global monitoring report 2008 . In Indonesia, these combinations result two kinds of genders accepted: male and female. which the participants The paper then proceeds to discuss terms which have been labelled as prejudicial against women by writers who have been analyzing the question of sexism and the English language. movements, locally developed and adapted ELT Homogeneity was ensured in terms of age and work experience and the two groups had no significant difference in this regard (p>0.05). Indeed, it is a classic example of the ^hidden curriculum _ (Stromquist et al. Erden, F. T. (2009). Los hallazgos han demostrado que, aunque los hombres están ligeramente sobrerrepresentados en las imágenes y el contenido escrito, los autores de la serie parecen haber logrado una manifestación equilibrada de personajes femeninos y masculinos en los diálogos. In contrast, on the subject of clothing, both males and females were portrayed as fully clothed in virtually all pictures of the textbooks, and women were never represented scantily or partially clothed. The result of this study showed that the type of sexist language which exists in the textbook is only “men as standard”. percentage of reactive role of the participants revealed; women were. The results of this inquiry prove very convincingly that the visual discourse of MEFL textbooks is fraught with an array of cultural misconceptions in discrimination of women. As. Pedagogical implications of the study have been discussed. Equitable Imagery in the Preclinical Medical School Curriculum. Early readers can play a significant role in the intergenerational transmission of gender roles. Women were presented fully clothed in 79%. Rae Lesser Blumberg 2007 . endstream endobj startxref Conceptualization and Measurement Concepts Measurement Operations Levels of Measurement Evaluating Measures Conclusions 5. 2006; del-Teso-Craviotto, 2006; Goffman, 1976; Isanovic, due to its crucial role in making ideologies out of people. The images selected for his study, hand, were presented as submissive and, analysis of third-person singular pronouns produced, features showed no evidence, some textbooks presented gender-, not represented as independent individuals. The textbook reform did not make any significant change in the amount of gender stereotypes in the story textbooks. Many studies have investigated how genders were represented in ELT textbooks. %%EOF 0 However, L2 exposure correlated significantly and negatively with taking it personally and exaggerated generalization at a weak level. Content available from Seyyed Ahmad Mousavi: All content in this area was uploaded by Seyyed Ahmad Mousavi on May 31, 2015, All content in this area was uploaded by Seyyed Ahmad Mousavi on May 30, 2015, textbooks were examined: male and female visib, First, a content analysis was conducted on the data, a, to female students that mathematics is not really for them, educational system.