But yeah, so definitely try to stick to limiting your fluids, and if you are drinking wine, I mean, that’s a good way to increase digestion as long as you’re just drinking a small amount. I’m not sure about you, Kelsey…. Our digestive system is smart enough to process mixed meals.”. Certain food combinations can change what’s in the chyme, but eventually, it all ends up in the small and large intestines. So, Stephan Guyenet gives a really extreme example of a low food reward diet by…he says to pick three foods and eat only those foods throughout the entire day. Add butter and tons of spices into that and bam, you’ve got something really rewarding to the brain right there. I wonder if more of these “theories” have been developed in recent years, or if they are old ideas are just getting more exposure on the Internet. Let’s answer some common questions. Nutr. Your stomach doesn’t separate food, it mixes it. So that’s, I mean, that’s kind of like the “quick and dirty” way to increase your digestive capacity, but another way is to actually reduce the amount of liquids you take in when you’re eating. Your email address will not be published. Fat can help. And so you might want to start thinking about whether it’s better to go about it in a different way to accomplish those goals. So you might experience more bloating and gas, which might be the exact things you started this diet in the beginning to get rid of. Dessert could be a slice of raw cheesecake, a few raw macaroons, or a … Without complete digestion, the nutrients in even the most wholesome food cannot be fully extracted and assimilated by the body. I am the only one of four girls who suffered no allergies or asthma, and I mostly refused to drink milk as a kid. So if you have diabetes or if you have poor blood sugar control, eating fruit on its own is really not a good idea for you. They get all the nutrients and thrive, while you get all the wastes and suffer. LAURA:  Rant over! These enzymes digest protein and fat, and are released even if there is no protein or fat present in your food. KELSEY:  I think that was good! My question concerns limiting liquids during meals. Pepsin is an enzyme involved in protein digestion and lipase is an enzyme involved in fat digestion. So I do think that if that’s something you’re having trouble with, y’know, being mindful of how much you’re eating, and knowing whether you’re overeating, undereating, or eating just the right amount, that doing those activities—yoga, tai chi, meditation, anything like that—would be really beneficial. I’ve received a lot of questions recently about Food Combining, and whether it’s legit. Your information will never be shared with anyone; unsubscribe at any time, Lifestyle, Social Events, Work Life & Social Life, Wellness, Lifestyle, Social Events, Weight Loss, Weight Management, Work Life & Social Life, Wellness, Home Page, How to Navigate & What To Order in Cafeterias. Fermentation happens here, the good kind. Dr. Wayne Pickering, an advocate of food combining, did an interview with Dr. Mercola last month. But first, the most important piece of info I want to leave you with is: The vast majority of foods are all “mixed” in terms of macronutrients ALREADY. As I just mentioned, the whole issue is that carbohydrates, if they’re on their own, get digested and absorbed into the bloodstream much faster. And I know, like I’m sure alarm bells are going off in people’s heads saying, “What? Since going vegan I learned how to use spices, prepare various raw salads, use healthy oils (NEVER palm), and so on and they are so savory and delicious… People go crazy over the veggies I prepare. Biochem. The western world truly does not know how to eat and other parts of the world are much more plant based, and, happen to have the most delicious (and healthy) foods. The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases lists foods and drinks that can make you more gas-prone, including high-fiber fruits, beans, whole grains, sugar alcohols and more. And like we said, if you’re someone this has worked for, there are a few reasons why that might be the case. Kudos to Chris for recruiting these fresh, youthful promoters of an ancestral diet.