Geranium. List of common plants and flowers in English with examples and ESL worksheets. If I say name the flowers as many as you can how much you can? گل داوٴدی. Lily للّی Lilli. Lily. Poppy گل خوشخاش Gul-e-khashkhaash. Types of Plants A useful list of flower names in English with pictures. Tulip. Bergamot aka: Bee Balm Scarlet Beebalm Scarlet Monarda Oswego Tea Crimson Beebalm This lesson will boost your flower vocabulary گل شمعدانی. سوسن. Chrysanthemum. گل لالہ. In this lesson, we will discuss 30 most common flower names in English with Urdu meanings. Names and pictures of all flowers. Orchid اشنھ Ashanh. Names Of Flowers In English And Urdu With Pictures. Rose گلاب Gulaab. Learn these names of flowers and plants to increase your vocabulary words in English. Bee balm scarlet beebalm scarlet monarda oswego tea crimson beebalm. Aditya Name Wallpaper Zariya Name Meaning In Urdu 991529 Hd. Most plants grow in the ground, with stems above the atmosphere, and roots below. Names Of Flowers In Urdu And English With Pictures. Marigold صد برگ Sad-e-barg. This basic lesson will teach the names of common flowers. Lotus یونانی دیومالہ Yunani dyomala. 11 Weeds As Medicinal Plants By Allah Dad Khan. Snapdragon سنیپ ڈریگن Snaip draigan. Narcissus نرگس Nargis. Flower Names In Telugu Images E993 Com 30 flowers name in english and urdu with pictures pdf learn flower names in urdu and english پھول کے نام rhymes flower names in english and urdu with pictures learn names of flowers in english and urdu with pictures sekho com pk. I hardly think 10 or 15 but do you know there are thousands of different flowers in this world. Some float on water. Holly: Iris: Jasmine: Lilac: Lily: Lotus: Marigold: Narcissus: after Names Of Flowers In English And Urdu With Pictures if you want to see different things names English to Urdu and Urdu to English then through this web portal you can get it, Primrose بامچال Baamchal. Flowers Name with Images in Urdu to English PDF, this lesson helpful for student and learner to improve their Flowers Name with Images in Urdu and English.