The E string exhibits just enough clunk factor to make them great for old-school applications, but their improved sustain and intonation place them high among the new breed of flats. Also, examine the construction of your instrument: string tension can affect the way your bass sounds and feels, and heavier strings require more tension to be brought up to the same pitches. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 15 February 2020. They have a very sticky feel at first, but they polish up relatively quickly. I've given them 4 stars because they are a well made product that is value for money but I'm not a fan of their tone. The new Ernie Ball Slinkys are the first flatwound bass strings made with a Cobalt alloy, and based on their performance, I’d say it was a great idea. The string tension is slightly higher than that of Thomastik Jazz Flats, but they are relaxed and pliable. Fusione. If you’re looking for dirty thump, they may not be your best choice, but what they do provide is a strong fundamental with sparkling high end that seemingly never fades. Le Nostre Corde Il Processo di Produzione. Onze exclusieve legeringen die worden gebruikt voor Cobalt Slinky, M-Steel Slinky en Aluminium Bronze snaren worden volgens onze exacte specificaties gesmelt om optimale prestaties en consistentie te garanderen. Ernie Ball snaren worden afzonderlijk opgerold en verpakt in overeenstemming met de specifieke Slinky gauge vereisten. For this article, I drew largely from my own experience: out of a collection of roughly 30 basses, I have six brands of flatwounds strung on approximately half of them, representing a considerable amount of trial and error, not to mention expense. Being imported, the price is higher than others, but longevity is good - I have multiple basses strung with sets well over five years old. Please try your search again later. P02814 Super Slinky Flatwound Bass Strings. Sustain is considerably improved over old-school sets, making TIs an excellent choice for fretless players looking for a more upright bass-like tone. Thomastik offers Jazz Flats sets in short scale (32"), long scale (34"), and Super Long scale (36"). As long as you were able to install them and tune them up to pitch without any of them snapping, the chances are you will be okay. Smelting. Squier to make a steel string that would fit the 34"-scale instrument with the proper gauges. You can edit your question or post anyway. The lighter-gauge sets are a good choice for a low-tension setup, but the Group I set (with a hearty .055" G string) rivals the mighty La Bellas for stiffness. Bath When you hear the sound of Paul McCartney’s Hofner bass, that’s the sound of Pyramids - thick, rich, and chunky. Round sound. Considering the company’s long history manufacturing strings for bowed instruments, it’s not surprising that TI Jazz Flats define what I consider 'orchestral quality' in an electric bass string. While it took DR Strings several years to get around to offering a set of flats, the company took the time to get it right. They have a clean, clear tone, with great intonation on the lower strings, and a smooth finish that feels slick and sexy in your hands. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 13 January 2020. Followed by the success of the new Marcus Miller signature set, it seems the folks at Dunlop have now set their sights on flatter pastures. The Legend B string delivers the goods with a heavy thump, better-than-expected note definition, and reasonable tautness. Their tone favorably compares to a well-cured set of La Bellas. Legeringen, die worden gebruikt voor snaren, beginnen bij erts dat wordt gesmolten op hoge temperatuur om zo onzuiverheden te verwijderen. Snaren worden verpakt met ons Element Shield design: ondoordringbare folie die is ingepakt en afgedicht om ervoor te zorgen dat sets worden voorzien van maximale bescherming. Thank you for your support! This creates a perceived mid-scoop that makes them work great for slapping - a technique not typically associated with flatwounds - and stellar for super-clicky pickstyle. For the 6-string crowd, the Jazz Flats low B has great note definition and a buttery feel, while the high C string has a creamy edge that makes it great for melody. While the Group Flats exhibit no clunk factor, I’m including them in the old-school category, because Ernie Ball’s newest flatwound set, the Slinky Flatwounds, definitely sit in the New Breed category. They bear a strong resemblance to D’Addario Chromes, although they present a slightly greater mid scoop - a quality that serves them well when installed on a Music Man StingRay. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, A break-in period is required to lose the remarkably bright tone, The heavier sets can lean towards the stiff side, Good balance of tension across the fretboard, Tone leans towards the clunkier side, however not necessarily a bad thing, Prone to string slippage on the G-string tuner post, Perfect balance between clunk and intonation, Low tension might require truss rod adjustment, Warm tone profile, but with a high-end that sticks around for a while, Well balanced string tension across the set, The rise, fall and rediscovery of the Fender Jaguar, How to set up a Les Paul: 7 essential tips, 9.