The Ernie Ball Axis Capo’s ergonomic features allow for fast and accurate single-handed key changes. The name itself is perhaps derived instead from the device’s main selling point – its dual-radius design. This is especially vital when you have the challenge of 12 of them to keep in line! Traditiegetrouw presenteert het Konig & Meyer ook dit jaar weer een flink aantal nieuwe producten op de Frankfurter MusikMesse. Bath Twee in één en ze klemmen prima af, geen bijgeluiden. Ernie Ball have opted for a spring-controlled, single-handed action, making it incredibly simple to clamp on or relocate to a different fret. With too much tension, the strings begin to bend out of tune. G7th UltraLight: Lichtste capo ter wereld! Hiermee krijgt u de controle over uw oversturing en uw echo's, verpakt in een glimmende behuizing. The Axis Capo comes in 4 luxe finishes: Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Black. But not all capos are made equally – there’s a huge range of designs to choose from out there for different budgets. Open tunings (when all six strings are tuned to a note in a certain chord) and alternate tunings (as weird and adventurous as you please) are excellent reasons to use a capo, making it possible to play different songs with the same tuning but in a different key, without having to switch guitars or adjust tuning for the sake of timeliness. You can even use it with a standard capo to change keys or play behind the Short Cut capo to experiment further. Met Paradigm verlegt Ernie Ball de grenzen van wat een gitaarsnaar kan zijn: sterker en duurzamer dan ooit tevoren. Ernie Ball’s latest offering – the sleek and unassuming Axis capo – thankfully retains all of these traits with a Ernie Ball biedt met deze capo een zeer goede optie voor gitaristen die gitaren met vlakke en bolle toetsen hebben. If you’re looking for an all-rounder, our recommendation would be the G7th Performance 3 ART. For this lesson we’re using the Axis Capo from Ernie Ball. All rights reserved. geometry dash, Dedicated to Women Guitarists and Bassists. 12-string player? The Shubb C-Series fits almost all acoustic steel string and electric guitars with its simple and accurate locking action that keeps the strings centred, and soft rubber that prevents the strings from bending over the frets and negatively affecting your sound. Capos aren’t just reserved for songs played with open string chords, either. I jumped right in and all of a sudden the rest of my guitar became accessible to me, and it blew my dang mind. G7th’s confidence in the design is underlined by a lifetime warranty, making this an investment that will go the distance with you on your playing journey. Play." Plus it’s simple and discreet, as opposed to my shiny gold capo, which, while endearing, looks a little dramatic in comparison. 1:04. Price: £20/$22 | Materials: Nickel-plated brass, rubber. Sign up for the Ernie Ball mailing list. This is done with good intentions, really; while guitar technology has constantly evolved over the years, the self-effacing capo hasn’t. A capo can also help singer/guitarists cover different vocal ranges and change the key of a song. The design is genius: it’s capable of being used with either a flat or curved fretboard simply by turning it around, which means you could use it on essentially any guitar you encounter—electric, acoustic, and even seven string guitars. The Ernie Ball Axis Capo’s ergonomic features allow for fast and accurate single-handed key changes. Easy! When you fit your capo correctly by placing it just before the metal fret (on the headstock side), all the open strings will play in a higher pitch – a half step higher on each fret.