Got severla 800-1400dmg shots. Yep can confirm I was on level 28 and fought against the level 30 Phylake and I could beat him easily on my horse while he was on foot. I usually started with a stealth attack then used a warrior bow to inflict a lot of damage use my over power repeat. man just get smoke and knock em down to end you can kill em while you are 3-4 lvl blow with this method. This allows them to get a free hit on you (on hard, you are basically dead). I was up on the Northeastern gate where two crossbows were. I also prefer fire weapons for them. The Hill. I just killed the 4th most difficult called Bane of Hathor(lvl.35). This should give you a nice advantage. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. I just hit them with the hidden blade then stayed far enough away that they couldn't melee hit me and close enough that they couldn't use range then threw fire bombs at them. get help from rebels. attack at night. The whole point of them is a challenging mini boss fight. U can keep a distance n slowly damage them lil by lil. They will shrug it off and stumble you. Use Smoke to break line of sight and catch a breather, or to flank them for more bleeding combos. It makes it so much easier. Bows. Killing them is quite difficult but the rewards are massive. As soon as the fire died he'd start with the tough-talk again and I'd hit him with another and he'd start shrieking again. Easy way to cheese the Phylakes at a low level. I was clearing Fort Boubastos in Haueris Nome and as I finished I heard the proximity warning. Solid, a bit more set up than just mounted combat but the payoff is worth it, especially as the level differential increases. I agree, it feels much more rewarding when the fight is actually a challenge. He didn't manage to get close to me. If there are no ladders in the vicinity, you can always light a brazier in a nearby camp and have Phylakes come to you there, and there isn't a shortage of those by any means. If you hit him with arrows, he stays on the ground, if you melee him, he gets up. still, beating the 1st Phylake was a great experience, it's been a while since I was so nervous of taking on a boss, specially on the AC franchise! This is what i did for the lvl 30 or 35 one. Rinse and repeat , New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the assassinscreed community. I'm sure someone will get me or I won't have the necessary resources to carry out my plan, but until that time comes... i remember i got all the way to level 40 without fighting any of them and afterwards just went in circles around them with a camel and heavy blade. Lure the Phylake up a ladder. The fight with the Phylakes should be over quickly. One easy way to kill a Phylake at any level and get their loot. I've been fighting them form horseback with fire arrows and a heavy blade, and then I finish them in melee combat. Went to attempt a high level small fort, and had just snuck in when suddenly like 6ish allies started a huge brawl and wiped the whole fort. Bane Of Hathor. This will really drain their health. I waited till one stopped somewhere in the city and then I stole his horse. Also bc i was 3-4 lvls under lol. If worse comes to worst, he'll at least be that much closer to death for you to face him some other way. Phylakes won't follow you into deeper water, so I like to stay just out of their range and pelt them with arrows. I also liked to lure them away from the main roads by starting off with an arrow or just wandering into their path so they'd spot me and then follow me off the roadside so there was no chance of being joined by other soldiers.