Drawing comb is so dependent upon the specific hive, the weather and the nectar flow. Great product! However, this is a bit risky. When you buy a nucleus hive, you are buying up to 5 drawn frames with a queen, thousands of workers, honey, pollen, and brood. Wood Supers, Foundation, Books and Super Springs for round section production are available from Ross Rounds and its dealers. All swarms come from “domestic” hives, where the bee keeper failed in controlling their swarm mood…. To install the comb into a frame, simply press the frame over the comb, align, and pin with wooden toothpicks (frame and toothpicks not included). Duragilt, Plasticell, Pierco, Ritecell, Permacomb and the option of an empty frame with no foundation at all. What is BT? By allowing immediate egg laying, BetterComb encourages rapid brood production, which increases the colony’s productivity. Held up in extractor just like the regular frames. The bees require ~8 pounds of honey to produce one pound of wax. Sold in packs of 10 and delivered with both synthetic comb and frames (see installation details below). During heavy nectar flow, we take several strips of plastic foundation, usually about 2" wide and place two or three in a frame. Serving hobbyist beekeepers, to help you build your beekeeping knowledge, engage with other beekeepers and save on beekeeping supplies. I used the wired frames so that I could extract them. Moving the partially drawn frames to the outside does two things: It prevents the bees from tunneling straight up the hive (only paying attention to the center frames), and it always keeps the frames that need to be drawn in the place where it is the best for the bees to work (right above the heat). CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO NOW. Watch Permacomb update on youtube to see just how successful this stuff is! Printed instructions are included and video instructions are shown here. What do I do with the wax at end of life? Last Summer, my son cut plastic foundation in the shape of his girlfriend's name and placed it into a frame in the hive. I've never tried it due to the fact that it is expensive. The BetterComb frames are fragile compared to wired frames or frames with plastic foundation. But, some claim that an empty frame is drawn out faster than a frame with foundation. For the hobbyist who has one or two hives, it can be fun, spending time putting together all the little frame pieces and embedding wire into your wax. 8) It snaps into frames rather than having to use wire and nail in a wedge. BetterComb frames are shipped as two components: assembled wooden frames, and sections of BetterComb. We also recommend that Beekeepers using Langstroth 8-frame size equipment use seven- (7) regular Round Section Frames plus thin follower-boards on each side. (Bonus Through Nov 30th : 3 months extra on Annual Plan). In fact, my queens love deep frames that are solid one piece plastic. In other words, it is a plastic version of a fully drawn wax comb. STARTER KIT. I'll teach you via video that you can watch when you want! This has little danger after the weather has warmed, but if done too early in the season it can be a disaster, as splitting the brood nest … 7) It doesn't droop in a hive or bow out. It was just a idea, but you may be right I haven’t thought this through… one thing that I’m learning from you all that this take a lot of patience. Sold in a packs of 10. The honey will give the burr combs an unattractive "wet" look. Each section requires two of these rings - eight rings are required for each frame. I've never tried it due to the fact that it is expensive. I'll teach you via video that you can watch when you want! I am blown away. I love plastic foundation in wooden frames. Once you catch your swarm, you’ll get plenty of advice on here as to what to do with it. There is even some debate as to weather or not a $100 5 frame nuc will come with 5 drawn frames. I agree with JeffH. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10208992320108053&set=pcb.10208992320268057&type=3. For the beginner, we offer a line of customizable kits. But for many, this has become too time consuming. But, some claim that an empty frame is drawn out faster than a frame with foundation. Bees will repair and adjust the comb just as they do with real comb. The proper foundation is "thin surplus" comb honey foundation, size 4 in. 5) It is very easy to spot eggs against the black brood sheets. The design provides a space for your rubber stamp or stick-on label. This is my preference! Starter kits it is a great option for those who just getting started or want some more equipment. This product has been in production for over 10 years and proven very successful! However, this is true with all foundation. The reason so many beekeepers turn to the Ross Round Comb Honey System is because you can still manage and manipulate the frames individually and harvest completed sections out of supers that are not fully filled out. In other words, it is a plastic version of a fully drawn wax comb. We are also proud to be the sole retail supplier of Hogg Halfcomb equipment (click “Comb Honey” below). Can you put empty frames in a hive? It can be, especially to the new beekeeper. have yet to run across anyone selling drawn comb. See photos in instructions for additional information. Fully-drawn comb, made of food-grade, virgin synthetic wax, similar in composition to beeswax. These stock labels are printed only in English, but others are available from sources in Canada or France printed in French, or French and English. Unlike regular foundation, BetterComb does not need to be drawn out by the bees. Frames. We personally have had bears destroy hives in the past, leaving only the Permacomb frames useable after the destruction. Subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates and promotional offers. So I've stopped using it. BetterComb is produced in accordance with FDA requirements for food contact and is produced in an ISO 22000-certified facility. However, I have also seen this with wax foundation and especially with Duragilt. The sale comes with 140 boxes of drawn comb, a third of which has just been extracted. Ross Rounds and Sundance are trademarks and copyrighted, all rights reserved. In the past, there was only one kind, plain beeswax formed into thin layers of foundation with embedded wire to hold them in the frame. Most honey supers or racks in use in other countries can be adapted to hold ROSS ROUNDS™ section frames. We also offer a complete kit with frames and combs as a kit. In total there are 140 boxes of frames of drawn comb. This is a very thick piece of plastic, probably 1/8 inch think and has the hexagonal worker cells embedded in the plastic. This measure of 4.9 mm is necessary that the bees can defend themselves against the diseases, without the use of chemicals. Betterbee carries all the products you need to establish and maintain bee hives. Bees use BetterComb as they use any other comb once they become acquainted with it. When you hold that frame up to the sun, you can see the name because the plastic shades the sun. Permacomb is fully drawn plastic foundation, not wax comb.