Join ResearchGate to find the people and research you need to help your work. The organization is, a partner of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and also works with Portico and the LOCKSS initiative for digital archive, Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar, India, responsibility for easy comprehension and. Likewise, the benefits of cost, revenue and reputation accrued from environmentalism will lead the corporations toward continuous fulfillment of sustainability. The methodology was used descriptive research, with a quantitative approach, adopting bibliometrics as a collection technique for the collection of publications in the Administration area among the periodicals indexed to the Scopus. The results are consequently of practical and theoretical interest for anyone working in the field of ethics and technology. Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development Project (MMSD) (2002), Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development: the Report of the MMSD Project, Sumita Sindhi is a Fellow at Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar (India). 0000027075 00000 n 0000109869 00000 n For this reason, this study employs content analysis method to establish CER performance measurement indicators based on the CER framework. Please visit. 0000011789 00000 n startxref With increasing interaction, learning and exp, to a wide range of environmental advocacy, and political representatives, the principle of environmental protection, and its status, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and ENGOs. (2000), “Environmental justice: grassroots activism and its impact, Buysse, K. and Verbeke, A. Originality/value 0 H��V}XS�?�I���H� �$�G���P��P�P�HVhe��|�h�����j�R�ε��~O���Zm��uŏ��umm��n��֭�O�g���wo���Z���9�}�s����[email protected]��f� �TW[o�{�kp��{`����^ծ�"�G�=�nk��^�8B�_�|���֮k�?�OXS��9����7���EDϏ��45lp]%zE���m0�~M��R�im]}�ퟭi���;{�5M.�� �A�g׻��{y5?D�z This new approach is “characteriz, legal self-restraint that restricts itself to the installation, co, democratic self-regulatory mechanisms” (Teubner, 1983). 0000011004 00000 n local wealthy stakeholders, civil society, and foreign customers in Europe and Japan. the global level? Practical implications development: a management control perspective”. Management of Environmental Quality An International Journal, Responsabilidade ambiental corporativa: um panorama das publicações internacionais para a identificação de temáticas emergentes, Modeling the Impacts of Corporate Environmental Responsibility on Information and Communication Technology -waste Management, Preliminary Framework for the Standardization of Corporate Sustainability Management Systems (CSMS): Part 1 – Background and Theoretical Foundations, Challenges for Tourism—Transitioning to Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility, Can Environmental Regulation Flexibility Explain the Porter Hypothesis?—An Empirical Study Based on the Data of China’s Listed Enterprises, Managing operations by a logistics company for sustainable service quality: Indian perspective, PERCEPTION OF CHOBA YOUTHS TOWARDS CORPORATE ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY OF CONFECTIONARY COMPANIES IN CHOBA COMMUNITY, Green Supply Chain Initiatives of Manufacturing Firms: Complementary Versus Trade-Off, Constructing performance measurement indicators to suggested corporate environmental responsibility framework, On the Folly of Rewarding A, While Hoping for B, Why Companies Go Green: A Model of Ecological Responsiveness. 0000005642 00000 n The mediation process is the new component of the model, thus we tested two potential mediators -, Purpose on the depth, degree and diffusion of change”, Hart, S.L. 0000088423 00000 n Design/methodology/approach (2007), “Postcards from the edge – a review of the business and. However, due to its increasing level of importance, it is usually considered as a separate element (Timpere, 2008). 578 0 obj <> endobj King (1995) reported that equipment purchased to comply with regulation also, revealed the causes of hidden production problems and helped fir, significant operational improvements. 0000111157 00000 n Cognitive barriers often lead to, mistrust, as each competing interest believes its own views and lacks the ability, of the major barriers to operational success and a change in co, one that focusses on an economic-driven goal to one that integrates ecological, concerns into business plans and practices (Harris and Crane, 2002) is a slow, case of non-compliance and fines are just treated as cost of doing business. The consequences of, collaboration and strategic bridging: a case, United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EP, collaborative problem solving: business and industry persp. – This is a conceptual paper, based on review of literature and the gaps in it. Klassen and McLaughlin (1996), their stock prices. The purpose of this paper is to understand how logistics service providers manage their operations for sustainable service quality and operational excellence. Nevertheless, according to Sindhi and Kumar (2012), "ambiguity prevails through the whole process of corporate environmentalism and beyond compliance actions." Although uncertainty is a fundamental feature of complex technologies, its importance has not yet been fully recognized within the field of ethics. Both individual, cognition and societal institutions act by fo, and a rejection of new forms of policy and g, psychological and cultural constraints, which alter ind, perspectives on issues such as pollution control and endangered species protection, Institutionally, the mechanisms within the organization, such as established reward, and incentives systems, misaligned reward systems can lead individu, of the sustainable organization (Kerr, 1995).