Well, your every need related to food, drink and outstanding service, that is. All rights reserved. The experience won't be cheap, as the lowest one is $210, but it's so worth it. We use cookies to deliver a personalised service and improve our site. Each part of the ranch contributes to the health of the whole, including vineyards, olive groves, Highland cattle, heirloom vegetables, and livestock. Native doesn’t mess around when it comes to cooking food that allows for the quality of ingredients and provenance to shine through. Except this baby's come out swinging, taking the kebab and turning it on its head with its innovative tasting menu.This is London's dining scene at its cutting edge, taking a food that was previously under-appreciated and polishing it till it shines, with a forward-thinking attitude to flavours, ingredients and even the way it's served. Food-wise, expect a winning combination of seasonal and flavoursome, presented beautifully and with the lightly theatrical touch Adam is famous for. But perhaps the best thing of all is that there’s no extra charge to book this table – it’s simply allocated on request. Large $16.25. The Chef’s Table private dining room at Michelin-starred Angela Hartnett at Murano Italian restaurant in Mayfair seats up to 12 guests. There's a note on the dish that says "not bound by tradition, the chef's choice dish." London, SW6 4QL Tel: +44 20 7384 9011. Husk has locations in Charleston, Savannah, Nashville, and Greenville. Their current offering includes mushroom agnolotti with black garlic; salt-aged duck with peach and burnt cream; white asparagus, tagliatelle and Champagne cream; and a chocolate tofu dessert served with cranberry and coconut. Michelin-starred Valencian chef Quique Dacosta’s paella palace is a celebration of rice – something so integral to Quique’s cooking he decided to write a whole book about it. Did we mention the counter is made out of a special material that you eat off directly, no plates and no cutlery? Chef Paul Hood moved over from sister restaurant Pollen Street Social to run the kitchen, and unsurprisingly he does a stellar job. A heads up: it’s pricey, so your wallet may not thank you – but your stomach definitely will…. Wine pairings are, after all, included with your meal, each carefully chosen to complement the dishes, adding an extra dimension of excitement to the whole tantalisingly sordid affair. Benares Indian restaurant in Mayfair has five private dining rooms seating between 8 – 36 guests including a Chef’s Table seating up to 10 guests. She began as a pastry chef for Wolfgang Puck's restaurant Spago in L.A. and then opened her own bakery, La Brea Bakery. Expect unctuous nigiri and sushi, delicate wagyu beef, and enough excellent food to fell a thoroughbred horse. RELATED: Party Down: 10 Things The Show Gets Right About Working In Food Service. A select group of restaurants with Chef Tables are holders of Michelin stars and a Chef’s Table provides the perfect environment for smaller, more intimate private dining events. Chefs Ivan and Imogen ensure that everything on the menu at this South London delight makes the most out of quality seasonal British produce. Framed by large Victorian windows, it's a damned good place to hoover up dishes like pork belly with cabbage and apple while having the wine list explained to you by an expert. If you've been in before, we hope to see you again. Their Chef’s Table is served in a private dining room and seats up to 12 guests, with both three and seven course menus available, paired with wines selected by head sommelier Maciej Lyko. RELATED: The 10 Best Creations From Halloween Wars Season 1. When we travel, we want to experience the culture, and if we're foodies, then we can't wait to try new restaurants. Known as ‘The Library’, the intimate area seats 20 people and comes complete with its own kitchen, offering you unbridled access into the ins and outs of the kitchen with your own personal chefs on hand to ensure you’re well fed. Massimo Bottura 55m. From an early age, Tosi has been interested in baking, and watching the amazing creations in this episode is enough to make us want to jump off the couch and head to the nearest location. You'll also be in the perfect spot to nab all the best dishes as soon as they've been made. The place has three Michelin stars and has incredibly creative dishes that this quirky, sweet chef dreams up. A select group of restaurants with Chef Tables are holders of Michelin stars and a Chef’s Table provides the perfect environment for smaller, more intimate private dining events. We're already hungry... Tosi is so creative and has a childlike enthusiasm for junk food, and this place is on our list for sure. RELATED: The 10 Best Food Documentaries On Netflix Right Now.