The catch? While we do most of our traveling via trains or buses, there are some places in Korea that are hard to reach on public transportation. For more tips on your first week working in Korea, check out this blog post. Korea is a country with four drastically different seasons, so be prepared! Yes – for ground spices, amounts greater than 12 ounces should be placed in checked luggage*. Bringing some multi-vitamins is also advised, as they generally cost twice or thrice the price as they do in other countries. Two Wandering Soles are participants in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and affiliated sites. (Usually people will have things shipped to their schools instead of their apartments.) My friends have mentioned that they are generally more expensive than at home, and there are only a few brands and types available.). Cheese is limited. Privacy Policy. You can take a chance and not declare them bit if they stop you, you face a major fine. That’s because ground spices are considered a powder-like substance for TSA screening purposes, and powders in quantities above 12 ounces (about the size of a standard soda can). This is specifically for public school teachers arriving outside of the normal intake periods. Although, Packing for the big move is no easy feat | © Erwan Hesry / Unsplash, Grooming products at Olive Young, a Korean drug store, Shops that cater to big and tall sizes like one are generally limited to expat-heavy neighborhoods. Travelers who are at least 19 years old may bring in up to 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars. Korea prohibits fresh fruits from all countries. We've only used it once to rent a car, but we were glad we'd brought it. $1,000 USD worth of won should be enough to get you through the first month. Both of our schools are pretty casual, and I end up wearing jeans and a nice top most days. As for the foodies, spices much more exotic than basil, oregano, and thyme are going to be hard to come by. When you’re travelling overseas or importing items, you need to know that some items can’t be brought back with you and for others you need to … Some airlines (like American) won’t allow your pet on the flight if it is over the Pacific. You can bring any quantity of spices that you wish in your allowable checked luggage. On the EPIK packing list, they tell men to bring a suit jacket. And as such, they are incredibly difficult to find. I had no problems. You’re going to pay for it, though. If you like to bake, be sure to pack vanilla because it's really difficult to find here, and cookies just aren't the same with out it! And it's not just cleavage that is taboo - anything below the collar bone, really, can be considered risque. Many spouses decide to live at home in America; others decide to go along for the ride. Needless to say, we had quite a few purchases to make right away. E-Marts in affluent areas normally have O.K. If you can’t stand digital books, though, What the Book, located in Itaewon, has a massive selection and will deliver to anywhere in Korea, always within ten days, and usually within two. This is just to torture those in Korea without them. No old cheddar, but it’s adequate. You can buy one or two of these here. There are some Korean shops  with authentic Korean food. And as some of our friends found out, some foreign cards (even ones that claim to be international) do not work here. Yes, you can bring spices in your checked baggage when boarding a flight within the United States. OH I've been trying to find out the answer to this question for the last few days if I can bring in vegetarian products from back, someone mentioned phoning customs to ask does anyone have a number for them? They also have the ability to sign and stamp as part of the USDA, which cuts out an extra step for you. Where will it drop me off? Traditionally, Koreans sleep on the floor on a thick mat called a Yeo (여). Can you bring spices on an international flight leaving the U.S.A.? As a result, many of them don’t wear deodorant. Tickets to Thailand, Vietnam, Japan–I could go on and on–are quite affordable and only a quick hop away. Is there a good restaurant nearby? Do not worry about this visa until you have arrived in country. If you’re in Seoul look up High Street Market, or some of the international markets in Itaewon. Many recommendations online say to bring between $500 and $1,000 USD worth of Korean won. Also bring a supply of any current medication your pet may be taking as well as its medical file. Below are some good sites to help you find what you need once you've settled into life in Korea. While protein powder is getting easier to find, it is quite a bit more expensive than the brand we used to buy in the US. Trust us. (Update: I've heard from friends that you can find a small selection of tampons at Olive Young stores and Costco. Or you could try a menstrual cup before you go to Korea and see how you like it. i brought cheese like 4 times. In fact, they have the best pet policy I have seen. Every supermarket will have an electronics department, though the prices are reasonable at best. There's a great store in East Lansing Michigan. Besides, if you stay cooped up in your house and don’t make any effort, you will definitely be miserable. Check out our Ultimate South Korea Travel Guide for all the answers to your most burning questions, or read some of our favorite articles below. Although it’s easy enough to get a mobile device in Korea, an unlocked smartphone will certainly save you a lot of money. *Helpful tip: Have your co-teacher or a Korean friend type your address in Korean characters into the shipping information on each of these websites. Many expats prefer to bring their own toothpaste from home, as it’s often said that most Korean brands don’t contain fluoride. If you are taking ground spices or seasonings (such as salt, pepper, Cajun seasoning, chili powder or curry powder), it’s best to limit the amount you pack in your carry-on to containers of 12 ounces (350 ml) or less. Spices will usually keep well for about 1 to 4 years at room temperature, depending on the type of spice. Until your first paycheck, it can be difficult to access funds from home. What is acceptable in Seoul, for instance, will probably be frowned upon elsewhere in the country. Since you are a foreigner, you will stand out anyway, but just be prepared for the reactions you might attract with your exposed décolletage. Let me break it down: In your Korean school, you will wear slippers all day. They might have one in Toronto as well. And it creates less waste. I haven't had to search too hard yet because I brought my own from home; but in the little looking I've done, I haven't seen one box. Similarly, tank tops that expose your shoulders might attract some unwarranted stares. And given that Korean snacks are too-often shrimp-flavored (and with little warning) you would do well to bring a stash of your own, at least until you’ve had time to experiment with the local stuff. Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, he’s moved around the world enough times that you’d think he would have learned to pack a little lighter…. While linen can add to the weight of your luggage, the comfort they will provide in the long-term is well worth it. Wait, you can bring your pets along? I reasoned that I should bring every kind of shoe for every occasion - heels, casual flats, dressy sandals, hiking boots, winter boots, running shoes, you name it - I packed it. You can bring any quantity of spices that you wish in your allowable checked luggage. Likewise, the average shoe size of Koreans is also smaller, and larger shoes are often hard to come by. It will be a culture shock at first, but know you aren’t the first to experience this. Unless you like to look as if you work in a fancy office building, leave your suit jacket at home. Additionally, if you take vitamins, bring those from home as well. Unless you are extremely brand-loyal or need special products, plan only to bring a travel-size bottle to get you through your first week in Korea. Just like laptops, smartphones are also more expensive in the ROK and, depending on the length of your visa, some service providers require expats pay the entire cost of the phone upfront. Living in South Korea … It would be so much less packing only one thing instead of 12 months of tampons. If any of these are things you can't live without, pack them along. Page created in 0.096 seconds with 22 queries. They had to go through a discussion with the officers because they said you are only allowed to bring 4 kg per person. Don’t forget to book them a ticket on your flight. Although South Korea has mastered the art of convenience, there are still a number of necessities that can be difficult to track down. This will make the shipping process faster, and since you only have to input it once, you'll never have to worry about it again. On most days I only wear shoes on my walk to and from school, making the majority of pairs I packed unnecessary. Yes, they will be ugly. Trust me I lived with a Korean so we had Korean food all the time. For more information on phone networks and contracts in Korea, check out this page.