Let we preserve it and use for the benefit of mankind. This in my opinion is no justification but the fact. Now we can enjoy every second of our life through them. Satre points out for us that a man is nothing else than a series of undertakings, that he is a sum, the organization, the ensemble of the relationships which make up these undertakings. The most important benefit of science has been the luxury it has brought to daily life. People can take advantage of any field if they wish to, but our social and political ties prevent most of us from acting in manners considered as taboos. Let we preserve it and use for the benefit of mankind. Today these diseases have been eradicated from the face of the earth. To quote Charles Pierce, “”There is one thing even more vital to science than intelligent methods; and that is, the sincere desire to find out the truth, whatever it may be.”Repeatedly, it is also heard that we are so dependent on Science and Technology that we who create it are nothing but mere puppets. Science has just provided us with simpler ways that are not tough on the patients themselves. People now want to keep the signs of aging at bay and live longer and this is possible through medical research. It has uplifted and improved the standard of life and makes the understanding of the world more vivid. Technology is therefore referred as the application of science to provide solutions to problems --in medicine, agriculture, industry and in digital communication. However, agriculture forms the base of most of the economies of Asia and Africa. Technology now plays a major role in artificial intelligence and robotics, in regards to making work easier. It provides high quality standards in every product that are made…. Progress was often hindered. The information is so interesting and useful.thanks for the help. Scientific development has lead to the use of automated machines, which is crucial in many industrial processes. A century ago, telegraphs were regarded as luxuries and one of the few modes of communication with the rest of the world. Kenneth C Agudo (author) from Tiwi, Philippines on May 28, 2013: Rajan Singh Jolly from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar, INDIA. We can enjoy cold coffee, mango shakes, cold drinks during summer season through refreigeratos. However, by donating his or her organs to give a new lease of life to someone else, the person found a meaning not only in his lifetime but also in his death. People who are separated from their friends and relative by a distance of thousands of miles can now get their message around the globe in a matter of seconds using technological instruments such as the phone and emails. However, the society has appreciated this remarkable discovery and its numerous uses; accounting, researching, writing reports, email, and entertainment purposes just to mention but a few. They range from the little things to the big ones. However, according to Capra of Tao of Physics, Science is trying to find the basic stuff that constitutes the reality. Medicine for instance, is one of the thousands and thousands of fruits that we have harvested from this friendship. According to Mahlotra, a person who is aware of the fact that by the freedom of choice we have, we are responsible for our actions and performs those actions acknowledging freedom of others too, is the one who shall find meaning in his life. ©. We embrace the volume and complexity of health plan data. In such events the people are warned in advance and timely action is taken to guarantee the lives of millions of people every year. Science has various benefits and importance to mankind. Some of the benefits to science are that it allows researchers to learn new ideas that have practical applications; benefits of technology include the ability to create new machines that increase productivity and save lives. Now we can entertain ourselves through computers, Games, TV and so on. Scientists seek to learn how organisms function, how genes are passed down and how ecosystems sustain themselves. The discovery of the structure of protein has been another major accomplishment in the field of Biochemistry with the aide of Computers. We quickly process billions of plan scenarios from trillions of calculations, including stop loss and supplemental plan design decisions. Ultrasonic devices are also an effective tool in determining the sex and position of unborn fetus, which illustrates the concept of the interrelatedness. If so, then human existence is absurd and unjustified. There are a lot of grammatical errors in this essay so, I am requesting you to correct these errors. thanks actually I searched this for my debate in school but you have made me understand all. Today man have progressed through science and technology and made his life secure and comfortable. Development in the field of science and technology is vital in improving all aspects of our lives. The Departments of the Army, Navy, and Air Force train and equip the military forces and use the S&T program to provide warfighting options for their service components. In my opinion, Technology and Science like most things have both the good and the bad side to it. , Erwin Z Some of the benefits to science are that it allows researchers to learn new ideas that have practical applications; benefits of technology include the ability to create new machines that increase productivity and save lives. Some of these processes are: In some countries like Philippines, there are some of the native and traditional processes such as: Many problems have been solved through the aid of new technologies. According to an existential argument, existence precedes essence. Not just a better plan, an optimized one. Some people see red in this citing discrimination of the less fortunate individuals where though genetically they are at a risk for some disease which they do not even show symptoms of. , Erwin Z Technology has helped increased the speed of communication whereas at the same time the costs for such a proposition have greatly reduced. If the prediction turns out to be right, is it right to put that unborn child through a lifelong agony of pain and suffering, always depending on others to fend for them? It is now used by millions of people worldwide to share information, make new associations and to communicate. Science and Technology are making advances at an amazing rate. Absolutely no spam allowed. We can even imagine a time when the word disease is long removed from the dictionary. It is said that "Science is a good and useful servant but it is a bad destructive master." Like for example: In terms of using technology in creating new products, it is very useful and very essential to produce tons and millions of products in just an hour. Here in the U.S. weatherman remind us how technology has improved such that we humans can predict the weather of the next fifteen days. It had uplifted us for more complex and broad society that revitalized the lives of humankind. Human organ transplant – operations and transplant through the help of modern technologies involving different body organs ended more successful than before. Automated industrial machine can execute jobs that were commonly done by human workers. Science and Technology also helps a nation protect its citizens from any natural or man-made disaster such as earthquake, tornadoes or even war. Posted in Miscellaneous. I really appreciate you people for doing such a good work . The advancement in this field has revolutionized human life. The discovery of mechanization, better seeds, better techniques of irrigation and pest control, has worked to increase productivity levels on farms.