It says you can make this mirror any size - even as large as a piece of plywood. Love them!!!! Since this is an outdoor couch, do you have instructions on how to weatherproof the wood? If you decide to make this just remember that the mirrors are NOT 12" squares. Did you go ahead and add the other interior pieces? Sorry you had trouble and glad you found the solution! Thank you Ana White. Thank you, @TroyFowler you should be able to click the link above that says "view Project PDF" or visit the Dream Workshop website here: Thanks. Im going to be making it in an enclosed trailer and want to be able to roll it on and off, gonna see what i come up with and might even build a built in sliding compartment on the back for a thick peice of plywood to be able to roll each peice into a house..... really love your idea, keep up the awesome work and cant wait to see future projects. This looks great! -purchase list states you need 7 qty 2x4x8s, but the cut list is short 2 qty 31 1/2" pieces, so you need 8 quantity 2x4x8. I also put the back board vertical instead of horizontal for a little more support, I don't see any reason why to make it differently, its still deep seating and fit standard cushions from Lowes. let me know. Starting this build next week, I am making it as a christmas gift for my Mother whom loves gardening. This will be the first project built in our first house. I really like the versatility of your project. Hi, I just completed the project. Made this couch earlier this week for my screened in patio, I am SUPER happy with it. Another wonderful project from the talented Anna White. I have a small work area, but this will definitely maximize my efficiency. all the work, then I've learned nothing. If you guys have a suggestion, I'm all ears. Mar 5, 2018 - Free plans to help anyone build simple, stylish furniture at large discounts from retail furniture. Inspired by Ana White's plans on Ryobi Nation for an outdoor sofa out of 2x4's, I built my own outdoor sofa and loveseat to fit the cushions I bought on clearance over the winter. Thanks so much Anna White. I LOVE this snowflake design - the monogram makes it extra special. It was a super fun project and it makes my living room seem double the size! its GREAT for small space but got whst u neef. I wish I would have read through the plans first as 3/8 inch plywood is pretty flimsy but functional for light items. However, if you have a MacBook you could always take a screenshot of the instructions and print that screenshot picture. Cannot wait to make this. I wish someone close by could build this for me!! I don't think I even have the time to pick up 6 sheets, let alone the time to build it! If I cut the bottom at 10-degrees off square, my measurement at 72" (starting 6" from the top) would be at 21.5-degrees off square. Saved a ton with this easy to do project reusing original shelf! Love this idea I'm going to have to do this. Thanks. Couches and other patio furniture is so expensive and made cheaply! That's great to hear, @MommasAryobiToolJunkie! Came out beautiful. I LOVE this! Some day... it would be awesome if it was a full portable rolling work station. Great idea. There is one piece of wood missing from the cut list. Awesome concept here! My son is building this potting bench for me. Still enjoy it though. It will be for a shop once I convince my wife to get rid of everything. It's very nice project to do for my home. I've built some event hoods and modified the saw dust collection port. Thanks. Unless I am looking at this incorrectly. If you guys have a suggestion, I'm all ears. Just what I needed to help organize my confined space. Question: Can I use the same wood for all the pieces, and distinct it by painting it differently? Ana's blueprint link states: "The resource could not be found. First, set your miter saw to 10 degrees off square. One Arm 2×4 Outdoor Sofa by Ana White. I've purchased a hood for the miter dust and have attached it to dust port, which reduces the dust significantly, but dust still coats whatever is on the carts' shelves that face the miter stand. My 5 years old daughter is a great fan of yours. Thanks. Great project and about to start up this next week. your projects are very economical and give the high end results Great idea. Thanks :). Why would you stain before making your cuts!?!?!?! Cuts the cost nearly in half and allows for more choices for straighter and more perfect boards. One note on the plans: the materials page says 3/8 plywood is used (which I purchased) and in the steps it says 1/2 inch plywood was used for the shelves. Got my vote for simplicity, durability, space saver and of course design. On the cut list you list the center divider as 1x12 @ 32-1/2" but in the diagram it is 31-1/2". Thanks. I found the step-by-step instructions. Yours looks nice and comfortable. Looks like a nice design. I like how much lighter it will be without the plywood and the frame instead. My 5 years old daughter is a great fan of yours. Hah, the cushions would have cost just as much as a brand new seat with cushions, kind of frustrating. Brimac - You can use 1-1/2" staples as long as you are attaching 3/4" material to something, but if you are attaching 1-1/2" thick material, will need to go up to bigger screws. Hi Ana, It doubles as the platform for my bird feeders. I am a mother and homemaker from Alaska. This is great! I've made dear, dear friends, I've been inspired, and my readers have challenged me to build things that even I though not possible. I have been thinking about building a coffee table. I never worked with imperial measure... can you make it with metric measures? Unable to see the page or the plans. This is a great build! and then Step 4: Top Ends of Legs Use a square to mark back top edges of legs perpendicular to top 10 degree cut, so 6” is cut off at back side. These are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Thanks for the guide. :), This is a great idea. HI Ana, Thank you for this project. The cut list will be updated. I love Ana White's projects. Will it be sufficient to hold the weight of additional mirrors? Thanks Ana and Ryobi. Completely baffled by these cuts. Could you help me figure this out. I built this over the weekend. In order to build both pieces, I purchased thirty 8' 2x4's, knowing that I would have lots of offcuts remaining. Thank you for the plan. Great tutorial Ana! thanks. Great job! It also doesn't look like you mentioned that the middle door needs a piece of wood attached to the main structure to stop it from closing into its own opening. I might make me one of these. You got my vote. Hi there, it's me, Ana White! If I don't have brad nailer, will I be able to do this with a good old hammer and nails? Hi, Greg- There is a link just before the steps that allows you to download the plan, including a shopping list. Now we just have to finish (protect) them, and make some cushions for them. Finished product looks great. Hi, I started building this today. Hi, Where are the cushions from? I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Id like to know where i can get hooks like the ones in the project. Thanks again! Only one nitpick. I'll be modifying mine by closing the spaces at the bottom of the miter saw stand, which should help. Made this as part of my wife's mother's day gift. Since the top of the table saw sits just above the cart top in the photo, I am assuming it will not fit under the main bench top correct? The images are broken and there is no download. Except the back has pegboard and the bottom shelf has plywood on the bottom of the 2*4's so it makes a scrap wood storage shelf with the 2*4 lip around it. I'm still looking for some highly effective mitersaw dust collection for a stationary 12 inch saw. Is there anyone who lives near Florence,ky that would know what their doing that can team up and help me do this !!!